November 28, 2023

Jeremy Clarkson slams Harry’s memory after ‘sneaking backstage with him’ at military event | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has accused Prince Harry of “letting rage cloud his judgment” after claiming the media “did not cover” British soldiers being wounded in Afghanistan.

The star recalled “sneaking backstage” with the Duke of Sussex at military awards night The Millies, which were organised by The Sun, where wounded servicemen and women could spend time with celebrities and the British royal family.

Jeremy claimed in his latest column for the publication: “I’m amazed Prince Harry doesn’t remember this because I distinctly recall, one year, sneaking backstage with him before the evening began for a crafty fag.”

It comes after Harry said he felt “angry” at the media for “not covering” the “true cost of war” that he witnessed while he was in Afghanistan, during Netflix documentary Heart of Invictus.

Hitting out at the Duke’s comments, Jeremy added: “I’m rather startled to hear that he thinks the British media “did not cover” the plight of soldiers who’d been blown up or killed.

“Because that’s not how I remember it at all . . .”

After citing further examples of how the media raised awareness of the plight of soldiers at the time, while also raising money for Help for Heroes, the Clarkson’s Farm star said “no good can come of” Harry believing it is “the root of all evil”.

Jeremy then shared that he believes Harry should “give credit where credit was due”.

Proving his point, the journalist said that although he “has a problem with Harry” and doesn’t appreciate his actions “these days”, he also feels that the Duke should be “commended” for his role in creating the Invictus Games.

Harry left viewers, including Jeremy, divided when his Netflix series about Invictus premiered last week.

During the show, Harry described leaving Afghanistan, where he served with the British Army, and seeing his wounded colleagues on the plane.

He recalled: “I saw what only people had talked about. That was the real trigger to see the real cost of war.

“Not just those individuals but also their families and how their lives would change forever.

“Stepping off the plane I was angry at what happened to these guys, I was angry that the media weren’t covering it.

“But at that point it wasn’t clear to me what needed to be done.”

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