May 29, 2023

Jeopardy! fans beg show to hire GMA star as new host after calls for ‘annoying’ Mayim Bialik to be replaced


JEOPARDY! fans have chosen a new host after Mayim Bialik was deemed ‘annoying.’

George Stephanopoulos from Good Morning America was chosen by Jeopardy! fans on social media as the ideal host for the show.


Fans are begging George Stephanopoulos to be the new host of Jeopardy!Credit: Getty
The call for George comes after fans expressed displeasure with Mayim Bialik


The call for George comes after fans expressed displeasure with Mayim BialikCredit: ABC

George, 62, was featured during an episode of Jeopardy! Masters this week, and GMA aired the clip on the show.

Michael Strahan said, “A familiar face made an appearance in an answer on Jeopardy! last night. Take a look.”

The morning television show proceeded to air the clip which shows contestant James Holzhauer requesting a question about actor Michael J. Fox.

The question was, “The inspiration for my character in The American President, was this advisor to Bill Clinton. A spin doctor in his own right, he also made a cameo on my show Spin City.”

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James correctly guessed George as the answer.

The GMA hosts are then shown laughing at the game show moment.

Michael said, “George, you’re the answer for the $600 question. I think you’re the million-dollar question.”

George also explained that the movie The American President was how he first met Michael J. Fox when he went to the White House in preparation for the film in 1994.

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Fans went to GMA’s Instagram comment section to bed George to become the next Jeopardy! host.

One even said, “George would be the perfect host for Jeopardy.”


Critics have harshly compared Mayim Bialik’s “slow” hosting pace to Ken Jennings now that Ken’s thrilling Masters special has concluded.

Megan Braught faced Jesse Chin and Ed Petersen with a 1-day total of $7,999 on Thursday’s episode.

Ed beat Lynn Di Vito, the contestant who technically won out after a controversial ruling ended Ben Chan’s 8-day streak.

Jesse took a small lead over Ed with a correct response on the third Daily Double- getting it correct [seen above] with “Kerry.”

Mayim took multiple seconds before deeming Jesse correct on the $4000 bet and saying “That is correct, John Kerry” – while the pause is nothing new it’s driving fans up the wall.

Going into Final Jeopardy!, Jesse held on with $14,800, Ed had $12,400 and Megan had $6,200.

After Final Jeopardy, Mayim concluded the show with an unintentionally deadpan: “Well that’s Thursday, let’s see what happens Friday. We’ll see you tomorrow.”


Mayim’s pauses in deeming contestants correct also left fans not downplaying their opinions on Twitter.

One fan wrote: I’m sure it’s been said a tremendous amount of times, but if Mayim Bialik doesn’t stop hesitating when answering the questions on Jeopardy, I’m going to stick my remote control right through my eye.”

“If Mayim Bialik took any longer to say, “Yes, that’s correct” on Jeopardy!, she’d be replying during Wheel of Fortune.” wrote another.

A third fan wrote: “Well, it is a sad day that we won’t be seeing Ken again until the last week of the 39th season.”

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A fourth said: “@Jeopardy I’m not looking to whine but tonight’s match is one of the slowest I’ve ever watched. And Mayim has to get quicker on her confirmations.”

Someone commented: “I’m a huge fan, but… Didn’t want @Jeopardy Masters to end… I loved every minute of it. Too bad Mayim is still hosting regular Jeopardy. Will watch again when Ken returns.”

George made an appearance as an answer during Jeopardy! masters


George made an appearance as an answer during Jeopardy! mastersCredit: ABC
George's appearance on the show prompted fans to ask him to host


George’s appearance on the show prompted fans to ask him to hostCredit: Getty
Fans have been frustrated with Mayim's pauses and speech patterns during the show


Fans have been frustrated with Mayim’s pauses and speech patterns during the showCredit: Getty

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