October 2, 2023

Jeopardy! contestant Jared Watson lashes out after his ‘total brain fart’ ends the game on a ‘sour note’


JEOPARDY! contestant Jared Watson has lashed out on social media after a bad response ended his game on a bad note.

The quality control specialist played his third game of Jeopardy! in a row against opponents Harrison Seidel and Annabelle Winter.


Jeopardy champ Jared Watson took to Reddit for commentary on the questions he missed in a recent game hosted by Mayim BialikCredit: NBC
He explained that he had a 'brain fart' when it came to two important questions he missed


He explained that he had a ‘brain fart’ when it came to two important questions he missedCredit: NBC

The champ did emerge victorious with a third win, however, he had a couple of responses during the game that frustrated him.

Jared went to Reddit to talk about why he gave those responses and chat with fans about his thought process.

Viewers had mocked Jared mercilessly for his response to the $200 clue in the category The Philippines.

“The Japanese Garden is a good place to get away from the bustle of the 12 million or so people living in the area of this city,” the clue read.

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Jared’s response was: “What is Tokyo?”

However, the correct answer was Manila.

“Ah yes, the venerable Filipino city of… Tokyo?” he wrote following the game.

“I really can’t explain what I was thinking there except to say that I clearly forgot the category. I can’t wait to have the Internet throw that one back at me all day,” he mused.

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He called the mistake a total “brain fart and said it just happens in response to a fan’s comments.

The contestant also made a mistake during another question from the category Acronyms.

His clue was: “It was originally a code word used by telegraph operators; Barack Obama used it in his Twitter handle.”

Jared guessed: “STOP,” but the correct answer was: “POTUS.”

He admitted he was way overthinking it with his commentary on the question.

“I knew President Obama used POTUS in his Twitter handle, but the telegraph portion of the clue threw me off, because I had assumed that acronym to be much more recently created,” Jared explained.

“Thankfully it did not cost me the game, but it was definitely a sour note.”


Meanwhile, Ken Jennings urged fans not to watch an episode of the show live – and instead attend his book launch event.

On Monday, Ken shared a poster to promote his new book, 100 Places To See After You Die, on Twitter.

Ken, 49, wrote: “LOS ANGELES! My book event is next Wednesday at 7pm and you should totally miss Jeopardy! for this.”

He then added: “(Okay, fine, you should DVR Jeopardy! for this.)”

The show is currently being hosted by Mayim Bialik, 47, while Ken is on hiatus.

Fans picked up on Ken’s playful tone, with one writing: “Ken getting shady!”

Others shared their excitement for his book event, commenting: “There are few things I’d miss Jeopardy for. Ok, Book Club. I’d miss Jeopardy for Book Club.”


Many Jeopardy! viewers who tuned in last week were not overly impressed with Mayim and her hosting style.

In particular, they noticed that the star takes too long to respond to contestants when they give their responses.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer fumed: “As hard as I have tried I do not care for Mayim Bialik hosting Jeopardy!. She pauses before she answers and it drives me crazy. And I’m spoiled from the Masters.”

A second person agreed and replied: “My sentiments exactly. I think she waits for somebody in her ear to tell her whether the answer is accepted and it annoys me to no end. Then there’s the Masters hangover I have also. Ken Jennings has humor & charisma.”


Earlier that week, other viewers begged Jeopardy! producers to address the issue.

Many people expressed that if Mayim isn’t fast enough to mark the responses right or wrong, contestants might have time to keep adding to their answers and go from correct to incorrect in doing so.

Ken wrapped the thrilling Jeopardy! Masters special, which was won by James Holzhauer.

Underdog Mattea Roach, 24, came in a close second last week.

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Mayim – Ken’s co-successor to Alex Trebek – is finishing out the regular season until the summer.

Ken won’t be seen until the 2023 Tournament of Champions, which will kick off Season 40 in September, barring the last week of Season 39.

One question was about a city in the Philippines in which Jared incorrectly guessed 'Tokyo'


One question was about a city in the Philippines in which Jared incorrectly guessed ‘Tokyo’Credit: NBC
Another question was about a code word used by telegraph operatiors


Another question was about a code word used by telegraph operatiorsCredit: NBC
Jared's response was 'STOP' but the answer had been 'POTUS'


Jared’s response was ‘STOP’ but the answer had been ‘POTUS’Credit: NBC

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