November 29, 2023

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Collette Lee Responds to Fan Comments About Triple Stumpers


[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the June 7, 2023 episode of Jeopardy!]

The players in Jeopardy!‘s June 7 episode know there were a lot of stumpers. One player, Collette Lee, took to Reddit to respond to fan comments about the frequency of that well known triple beep heard throughout the night’s game.

“That certainly was a lot of beep beep beeps (triple stumpers),” wrote one user on the show’s Reddit board. Another viewer tracked them all, admitting they were stumped as well. “Twenty three total — seven in the J round, and a whopping 16 (more than half the board) in the DJ round. Brutal,” they commented. “My Coryat came in almost 30 percent below my average, so I had trouble with it as well.”

“This has to be in the running for worst game ever, right?” one fan asked. “I mean —16 triple stumpers in DJ, out of 28 questions (two questions were left unplayed). Plus only 33 correct answers across the two rounds, and two incorrect DDs. Wow.” As the stumper counter above replied, “Today’s game was the lowest combined Coryat of the season so far: $21,400. Last season’s lowest was $15,400.

No one noticed the difficult game more than its players. As Collette commented on the thread, speaking for her and fellow competitor Kristine Rembach, “Collette here – Kristine and I commented on that to each other before Final, saying that we were worried we’d go viral for not knowing anything! I personally tried to ‘keep calm and clam up’ to try to avoid ending up in the red with bad guesses but as the game wore on, especially in Double Jeopardy it was obvious we were collectively riding the struggle bus with our board!”

She was met with support in response. “At least you didn’t go into the red and got FJ right! Kudos for posting here, and I hope you had a good experience in spite of the beep beep beeps,” one fan replied.

Suresh Krishnan was the returning champ of the night. And despite the puzzling clues earlier on, Final Jeopardy was not a triple stumper. He and Collette both answered the final prompt correctly. The category was “European Countries,” with the clue being: “Of all the nations that border Italy, the one that didn’t exist in 1990.” The correct response was, “What is Slovenia?”

Suresh took home the win once more, bringing his two-day winnings total to $21,099. Collette ended with $6,999, and Kristine finished with $2,999.

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