December 10, 2023

Jens Lehmann faces psychiatric evaluation in German court


Former legendary Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann will undergo a psychiatric evaluation in Germany. The now 53-year-old retired star has been involved in numerous odd situations in recent years. As a result, BILD claims a German court summoned Lehmann to face tests regarding an anti-social personality disorder.

Lehmann’s defense attorney, Dr. Adam Ahmed, revealed the news on Friday. “A court sees the need to obtain a psychiatric report and orders it in order to check guilt,” claimed Ahmed. “These actions (of Lehmann) suggest a suspected diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder, in which the affected person has little empathy for others and often disregards rules and norms.”

Jens Lehmann faces psychiatric evaluation after several charges

The German outlet reports that Lehmann faces several criminal charges by the prosecutor’s office. This includes allegedly damaging a roof beam on a neighbor’s garage in 2022 by using a chainsaw. Lehmann made the unwanted home remodeling because the garage blocked his view of a nearby lake.

Along with the destruction of his neighbor’s house, Lehmann also has a history of avoiding paying for parking. The prosecutor’s office claims that the former goalkeeper has dodged parking fees at the Munich Airport on numerous occasions. Lehmann supposedly slips in beyond the gates directly behind other paid customers.

Officials claim that Lehmann parked his Porsche hybrid at an airport charging station for two days. Fees for parking and charging were supposedly around $200 in total. Nevertheless, the retired German international sped off without paying the charges. This happened on at least two separate occasions.

Former star has denied previous charges

Lehmann faced insult and fraud allegations in the past as well. The goalkeeper, however, has since denied the charges. “The allegations made against me are not true. The damage, as always, is the enormous damage to reputation and disregard for privacy,” Lehmann stated on social media.

If found guilty, Lehmann could face a hefty fine, as well as a suspended license. The goalkeeper previously played nearly 800 total senior club matches with Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke, and others. Lehmann also collected 61 caps with the Germany national team.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Ulrich Wagner


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