November 29, 2023

Ivanka Trump’s humanitarian trip to Maui


Ivanka Trump is joining the efforts to provide relief for the families affected by the Lahaina fires. Earlier this month, she flew to Hawaii to distribute food and supplies to those affected by the wildfires through the local churches.

Ivanka joined the relief organization CityServe International to distribute meals and emergency supplies through the local churches. Ivanka was seen carrying boxes and speaking to some of the affected children. “It was amazing to see her humility, that none of this was for show,” said Nicole Bogosian, the daughter of a pastor that works in a chapel in Lahaina. “It wasn’t for photo ops, it wasn’t about getting her name out there,” she said.

“That she just came and was serving the community, it was humbling. You could feel the love that was there and she truly just wants to help. It wasn’t about anything besides giving encouragement and love to people, and that’s what we need right now.”

Ivanka’s work in Maui

The organization shared some photographs on Instagram where Ivanka is seen working with different people and handling some supplies. “Thank you, Ivanka, for your love and support to help people through disasters!” reads the post’s caption.

Ivanka also joined the organization’s leaders to the edge of the burn zone, where over 2,200 structures that include homes and offices, were burned down. “It looks like a war zone,” said Todd Lamphere, CityServe’s vice president of Governmental Relations.

Ivanka Trump’s humanitarian work

Ivanka has worked with CityServe in the past. Last year, she joined them in Fort Myers and Naples, providing assistance to disaster relief efforts following the impact of Hurricane Ian in Florida. “In the face of unimaginable desolation, it was beautiful to see communities & organizations come together during such a difficult time,” she wrote on Twitter.

She’s previously joined them on missions in Portland, and D.C.

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