February 8, 2023

INTL, ENO, and ST tokens are very high-ranked – Market Wrap 

INTL, ENO, and ST tokens are very high-ranked – Market Wrap 

Intelly is a relatively new company that has already managed to find its niche in the Defi market. This future-oriented firm aims to combine real estate investment and blockchain technology. It will enable investors worldwide to invest in real estate development and projects. The clients will be able to do that without the burdens traditionally associated with such investments. The team created INTL as the native utility token of the platform to offer uses additional advantages.

With Intelly’s F-NFT tokenization technology, customers will be able to invest in tokenized real estate. On the other hand, that will lead to smaller investment tickets and enable low-capital investors to invest in real estate. According to the team, fractionalization is the key to a liquid real estate market.

The company launched its ICO on September 15, 2021. The token price is 0.76 USD per INTL. The total supply of tokens is 1000000000. The team accepts BNB, USDT, and BUSD in exchange for its coins.

The Intelly Platform offers a way to access real estate profitability. It provides innovative investment options, as well. Moreover, users will be able to profit from them. The company will try to find funding for development projects. Meanwhile, customers will be able to invest with the INTL token.

After the company completes the investment process, participants will receive Fractionalized-NFT’s of the asset. The token holders will get a share of the profits generated by the asset. Additionally, they will be able to trade their tokens on the Intelly Exchange.

The company invests part of the revenue made by the platform and marketplace in the IWF. It will distribute half of the profits generated by the IWF to the token holders in stable USD coin currency.

INTL token


What about Enotoken?

The ENO project aims to unify the whole wine ecosystem in a Defi community. The team plans to get together wine farmers, importers, exporters, and consumers, along with sommeliers, hotels, vineyards, and crypto users from around the world. The company plans to launch its native utility token ENO soon. The total supply of the tokens is 25000000, but only some percentage will be available for purchase at the first stage.

ENO is the first wine token aiming to secure the tradition of wine crafting and simultaneously aid the new digital wine revolution through blockchain. The company wants to keep the history of the wine culture across the new data technologies. The team created Eno token specifically for the wine environment. Users will be able to use it for goods and services.


SKIPPY token is also trending 

Skippy is a utility token that will provide a one-stop-shop for the crypto community. As a result, users will acquire services such as travel, hospitality, and apparel by using this token. Backed by real projects, Skippy has great potential.

The team plans to launch its ICO sale on January 10, 2022. The price of 1 ST will be 0.0000041 ETH. The total supply of tokens is 1000000000 ST. The company will accept BNB in exchange for its coins. This project may become very successful with its innovative approach and well-developed roadmap.

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