February 20, 2024

IF Super Bowl Trailer Has Ryan Reynolds On A Silly Search For An Imaginary Friend


What IF the imaginary friends we grew up with were real? Well, we’ll find out in John Krasinski’s IF, as Ryan Reynolds’ Cal and Cailey Fleming’s Bea work to save all the IFs (imaginary friends). While you might not expect this family-friendly flick on the 2024 movie schedule to be from the guy who plays Deadpool and the director of A Quiet Place, it honestly looks like such a wholesome good time, and after seeing this Super Bowl trailer, I’m even more excited to see IF on May 17.

Krasinski has spoken about how he’s been developing this idea about imaginary friends for seven years in a promo for Paramount, and now the writer/director’s film is finally here, and it looks amazing. Mixing the live-action fun of movies like Free Guy and The Adam Project with the animated magic that is reminiscent of Pixar’s best movies, as Reynolds put it, this film literally brings a world of fantasy to life through movie magic.

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