December 11, 2023

I pushed a button on my phone while soaking in the bath & came out £120k RICHER thanks to mega Lottery win


A MAN who pushed a button on his phone while soaking in the bath came out £120k richer thanks to a mega lottery win.

Dad-of-one Sam Lawton, 23, bagged himself the life-changing prize after incredibly playing for the first time.


Sam Lawton, 23, bagged the life-changing prize after playing in the bathCredit: SWNS
He and his partner Connie plan to use the cash for a family home


He and his partner Connie plan to use the cash for a family homeCredit: SWNS

The young father will now receive £10,000 a month for the next year in the Set For Life draw.

And he netted the whopping cash while playing in the comfort of his bathroom.

Sam revealed he decided to download the Lotto app while lying in the bath.

Sam spoke of the moment he discovered the windfall and said: “I was in the bath and just thought that I’d have a go.

“I saw Dean Weymes celebrating his win and just thought I’d have a punt.

“I downloaded the National Lottery app in the bath, put a tenner in my account and then played a Lucky Dip.”

Less than two hours later, his phone was flooded with messages informing him of the eye-watering jackpot.

“Having never played before I asked Connie to take a look,” he added.

“But like me, she had never played before so we called her brother Craig, who’d played the National Lottery for years.”

When the former Army engineer, from Leamington Spa, scooped the Set For Life lotto draw – after spending just £10 – he immediately knew what he wanted.

Sam and his girlfriend Connie Bell, 24, revealed their top priority was putting a deposit down for a new family home.

“The next thing on my list is a driving licence,” Sam added.

“I haven’t passed my test and with a small family I need wheels, maybe a BMW 1 series.

“The win will allow me to learn to drive and get a car straight away – which is amazing.”

It comes after an OAP secured £333,000 on the Postcode Lottery but was told she would only take home a third because of an age-old pact.

And in Birmingham, a great gran-of-five bagged £111,111 as part of a £1m win amongst her and eight neighbours.

Meanwhile, another man who won the £10k-a-month jackpot said his life has changed forever after working as a plasterer for more than 20 years.

John Stembridge, 51, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, said he almost threw away the ticket sitting behind the visor in his van – but something made him check it first.

Plus, a punter who won £90,000 revealed what he will buy first – but it’s not for himself.

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