September 23, 2023

How To Sabotage The Other Executive Assistant Applicants In Starfield


In Starfield, you never know when you’re about to stumble upon a new quest. The galaxy is filled with people you can chat with – sometimes, they’ll just tell you a bit about their lives, adding more to the game world and making it feel livelier. Other times, though, you’ll get some tasks to carry out in exchange for a nice reward.

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Trevor, a man working in the mines of Cydonia, a city on Mars, has a job for you. Working with him, you’ll collude to get a new job through underhanded methods and make life better for the miners of Cydonia.

How To Start The Quest

To begin this quest, you’ll first need to talk to Trevor. When you first arrive on Mars and enter the city, you’ll find Trevor very near the entrance, turning down two wannabe miners who want jobs. If he’s not there, he’ll be on the floor of the mine a little further into the city.

Speaking to Trevor will let you take this quest on. There are two stages to this quest:

  • Make it look like the miners are exceeding their quota for iron deposits.
  • Get hired as an assistant to the big boss and approve an order for better tools.

Where To Get Iron For Trevor

Luckily, iron isn’t very far away. There are small deposits all over the mining floor inside Cydonia, near Trevor’s location (after he moves from the entrance).

Grab your Cutter (or a handy one lying about nearby) and blast away at the rocks as you did in the game’s introduction until you have ten chunks of iron.

A full bin of iron in Starfield

Deposit these into the nearby bin, which will be marked by your quest marker if you set this quest as your destination in the quest log. Return to Trevor to learn your next step – to apply for the Assistant to the Director job.

If you already had ten iron on you, you can just fill the bin with that, no mining required!

How To Apply For The Assistant To The Director Job

The Deimos Staryard from space in Starfield

Annoyingly, you’ll have to leave Mars to apply for this job, but you won’t have to fly that far. Return to your ship and plot a course for Deimos, which is one of Mars’s moons.

Don’t try to land on Deimos once you’re in its orbit – instead, look around until you find Deimos Staryard. Fly close and dock to the station, heading onboard when prompted.

The Deimos Sales Terminal menu in Starfield

On Deimos Staryard, interact with the Deimos Sales Terminal. Use this to apply for the job by clicking on the Job Posting: Executive Assistant option.

You will be presented with a questionnaire – your answers to this do not matter in the slightest, so you might as well have fun with it! You’re guaranteed the job regardless of your answers.

Once you’ve applied for the job, you can either explore the staryard for a bit or head straight back to Trevor, back on Cydonia. Talk to him, and he’ll let you know what the next step is – to sabotage the other candidates. Not the most moral option, but a necessary one to take.

There are some other quests to be found on Deimos Staryard, and this is a good place to remember if you want to know more about the lore of the yard and where to find ships for sale! The terminals at the entrance to the staryard will point you in the right direction if you want to learn more, just exhaust their options.

How To Sabotage The Other Applicants

The Cydonia HR terminal after deleting the other applications in Starfield

Trevor will tell you all you need to know about this step of the quest. Head up to the HR office on the top level of the area. Unless it’s five in the afternoon, it will be filled with office workers, including the one whose computer you need to use.

Waiting in a chair on Cydonia in Starfield

If the office is full, you’ll need to find a way to pass the time. Search for a nearby unoccupied chair and sit in it. Then, use the rest function to skip time until it is at least five in the afternoon. Once your rest is over, the office workers will start to leave.

Once the office is empty, you can log onto the right computer and delete the other applicants’ applications. Be careful not to delete your own!

Once your application is the only one left, head back down to Trevor. This is actually the end of this quest, but you’ll begin the next quest in the chain automatically. You’ll be rewarded with some experience and a sum of credits based on your level.

Check the link below for details of the next quest in the chain!

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