November 29, 2023

How To Get The Sheep Attack In Super Mario RPG


An item’s purpose isn’t always clear in Super Mario RPG. Even weapons and accessories like the Nurture Ring have hidden attributes that aren’t stated in the item description. The Mystery Egg is another item that appears to be useless, until it is used under the right circumstances.

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Combined with the Nurture Ring, the Mystery Egg can be used to obtain another rare item called the Lamb’s Lure. The Lamb’s Lure can then be used to gain the Sheep Attack, an item that can’t be obtained anywhere else. Here’s everything you need to know to get your own ferocious flock and become a great shepherd.

How To Get And Use The Mystery Egg

To get the Mystery Egg, you’ll need to purchase it from the Toad in the item shop in Moleville for 200 coins. He’ll only sell you this item after you buy the Lucky Jewel for 100 coins.

The Nurture Ring for sale in the Marrymore Hotel for 145 coins.

The Mystery Egg can be used an infinite number of times in battle, but it will do nothing. To reap the benefits of the Mystery Egg, it must be used by Peach while she is wearing the Nurture Ring. This ring can be purchased from the Marrymore Hotel for 145 coins.

How To Get The Lamb’s Lure

The Lamb's Lure hatching from the Mystery Egg in battle.

To get the Lamb’s Lure, have Peach use the Mystery Egg in battle to nurture the egg. On the eleventh use, the egg will hatch and give you the Lamb’s Lure. Using the Lamb’s Lure on an enemy has a chance of turning an enemy into a lamb and removing them from battle.

How To Get The Sheep Attack

A group of sheep getting ready to attack the nearby enemies.

Use the Lamb’s Lure and turn 48 enemies into lambs to earn the Sheep Attack item. A message saying “The flock is full,” will appear in the top left corner once the Sheep Attack is obtained.

Sheep Attack is essentially an upgraded version of the Lamb’s Lure. Instead of hitting one enemy, Sheep Attack has the chance of turning every enemy in the battle into a sheep.

A See Ya for sale in the Frog Coin Emporium for ten Frog Coins.

See Ya is another item that ensures escape from battles, which can serve as a less time-consuming substitute for Sheep Attack. See Ya can be purchased from the Frog Coin Emporium in Seaside Town for ten Frog Coins.

Sheep Attack and Lamb’s Lure can be used infinitely, but do not work on larger enemies and bosses. Defeating enemies with either of these items will not reward coins or experience points.

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