November 29, 2023

How Rep Works And How To Increase It In Fortnite


If you want to increase your rep with certain characters in Fortnite, you’ll have to complete some quests!

NPCs in Fortnite are typically only offer limited services. Whether it’s contracting them for help eliminating enemy players or buying a few keys off them, you have to travel all over the map to get the most out of NPC services. However, the Rep system introduced in Season Four Chapter Four aims to mix things up.

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By building your Rep with an NPC, you’ll gain access to multiple services from a single NPC. Focusing on accumulating Rep with one character allows you to turn them into one-stop-shops for getting an advantage in combat. You can gain Rep quickly by completing specific questlines.

How Rep Works

Piper Pace's Snapshot Questline, Rep Level, and rewards from completing her quests.

Rep shows your relationship with specific NPCs; this can be viewed in the Snapshots menu under the Character Rep tab. Increasing your Rep with a character unlocks additional services from them.

Each character offers unique services for supportive and offensive purposes.

For example, Piper Pace will initially only sell you a Scoped Burst SMG. At Rep level three, you can buy a pizza party, at level six you can buy healing, and level ten allows you to recruit her as a Supply Specialist.

How To Increase Rep

Nolan Chance pacing around a barn in Frenzy Fields.

Rep is increased by completing a character’s Snapshot Quests. Rep scales from zero to ten and increases by one level for every completed Snapshot Quest. The requirements for each quest can be viewed in the Snapshot menu, right above Character Rep.

You can only build Rep with NPCs that have Snapshot Quests. These quests will continue to be released as the season progresses. Characters planned to have Snapshot Quests this Chapter are also featured in the Battle Pass: Nolan Chance, Piper Pace, Fish Thicc, and Mae.

Completing Snapshot Quests also gives you XP and various rewards if you purchased the Battle Pass. Completing a character’s Snapshot questline unlocks a new style for them.

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