December 3, 2023

How Long Will Spy x Family Season 2 Be?


Spy x Family season two is on the horizon, and it seems the comeback will last a single cour.

It won’t be long before Spy x Family makes its long-awaited comeback. After becoming the prize of the anime fandom, Spy x Family is eager to bring season two to the small screen. The start of season two is slated to go down in early October, and now, new reports have surfaced regarding its overall length.

As many fans suspected, the latest listings out of Japan signal Spy x Family season two as having a single cour. This means the October anime will run through the end of the year before wrapping. Of course, this report notes a departure from Spy x Family season one because the show featured two cours when it kicked off.

With a single cour in its future, Spy x Family season two will run for 12-13 episodes. We know the big comeback will adapt at least one major arc from the Spy x Family manga given its poster. After all, the manga left readers thrilled with a special cruise ship arc some time ago, and now the Spy x Family anime is ready to tackle the tale.

Given where the Spy x Family manga is overall, it is hardly surprising to hear the anime’s new season will run for a single cour. Spy x Family is a bonafide hit in Japan and in dozens of other markets. The show’s production committee is going to want to milk the anime, but Spy x Family has less than 100 chapters on hand. After the success of season one, Spy x Family will have to ration episodes for longevity’s sake, and we can see that happening now.

There is also the Spy x Family movie coming up. This December will mark the anime’s first big-screen debut. Spy x Family: Code White promises to tell an original story crafted by series creator Tatsuya Endo. Netizens have high hopes for this Forger-focused film, of course. So if you are not caught up with the Spy x Family anime now, you better catch up ASAP. The series is streaming on Hulu as well as Crunchyroll!

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