November 28, 2023

His Girlfriend Made It Clear That Her Pets Come Before Him In Their Relationship, So He Told Her That His Mom Was First On His Priority List


This guy has been dating his girlfriend for nearly two years, and just a few weeks ago, they got into a big argument over her cat.

Apparently, the cat got out and did not return home for a few hours. His girlfriend blamed him for that– even though it was not his fault– and claimed that if the cat didn’t come back, then he needed to find a different place to stay!

Thankfully, his girlfriend’s cat did end up coming home that same day.

“And the whole thing was brushed under the rug,” he recalled.

However, his girlfriend also happens to have two dogs, and she ultimately told him that if anything ever happened to her pets because of him, then she would kill him!

He honestly thought his girlfriend was joking about that, but she was actually being dead serious.

“And she has constantly reminded me that her pets are the main priorities in her life,” he said.

In fact, she’s even told him that, in case of an emergency– like a fire– he should save the pets first instead of her.

So, that’s why he’s come to realize that he is at the very bottom of his girlfriend’s priority list. He knows that if push comes to shove, she would not hesitate to get rid of him in favor of her pets.

rock_the_stock – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

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