February 20, 2024

Her Mother-In-Law Believes That She Is Faking Her Chronic Illness, So She’s Been Avoiding Her In-Laws And Getting Backlash For It – Chip Chick


Last February, this woman tied the knot with her husband and entered a “dramatic family” who has always been pretty “neglectful” of her husband.

Just one week before their wedding, for instance, her mother-in-law booked her a last-minute ticket to go on a cruise with the rest of her husband’s family. While on the ship, she wound up contracting a viral disease that caused her to suffer long-lasting symptoms.

In fact, she was still experiencing concerning symptoms after her wedding was over. That’s why she was worried and decided to seek help at urgent care.

“I went through 10 rounds of blood draws on different days and had to stop working because of my symptoms, and I couldn’t do much of anything,” she recalled.

“I was bedridden.”

Yet, throughout this entire time, her mother-in-law never once asked how she was personally doing or feeling. Still, her mother-in-law did watch her pet birds and helped her clean up her house once. So, she just assumed that her mother-in-law showed care and concern differently.

That’s why she was not that upset until her husband visited his parents’ home while she was feeling sick one day. While her husband was there, his mother claimed to “have reservations” about believing that she was actually sick!

“My doctors are currently in the process of diagnosing me with a serious chronic illness that came from the viral disease I contracted on the cruise,” she explained.

Nonetheless, her mother-in-law has used her sickness to try and pit her husband against her.

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