February 20, 2024

Her Fiancé Is Financially Draining Her, And She Doesn’t Want To Marry Him Until He Makes A Change – Chip Chick


When this 34-year-old woman began dating her 37-year-old fiancé, they divided up their bills pretty evenly.

They had full-time jobs with very similar pay, so it was easy to split everything down the middle. However, that shifted as time wore on, and she began carrying 70% of their expenses while he picked up 30% of them.

She says this shift mainly happened because she’s someone who prioritizes saving their money, while her fiancé prioritizes spending.

“To break it down- I pay rent, half the utilities, all household needs, groceries, and if we go out to eat,” she explained.

“He covers- a loan payment of around $400 a month, his car payment, and insurance. Household work is pretty much all on me, and he won’t do anything unless I ask him to, defaulting to the IDK what needs [to be] done.”

She has tried to tell her fiancé that he needs to pitch in more with the financial aspect of their relationship, especially if he wants to keep on putting in no effort towards household chores.

In response, her fiancé maintains that he does not make a mess of their home, so he shouldn’t have to do any chores.

As for adding more money to their monthly expenses, her fiancé claims that what he’s already contributing is enough since it’s “fair.”

“I’ve told him that I’m burnt out, that it feels like I’m his parent, that working my job, keeping up with the house, and being responsible for the dogs makes me feel like I have three jobs,” she said.

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