September 24, 2023

Her Ex-Best Friend Shamed Her Online For Being Pregnant And Not Knowing Who The Father Is – Chip Chick


For two months, this 23-year-old woman has been in a relationship.

She was hooking up with her current partner while she was with her previous partner.

Now, she’s pregnant, and she’s unsure who the father is.

Around the same time, her 25-year-old ex-best friend also found out she was pregnant.

Over the years, she and her ex-best friend have had a turbulent relationship. Throughout the last few weeks, they have not been keeping in contact.

“She comes up to me during work hours to tell me some ‘tea’ about her current situation, which I find awfully strange since we haven’t talked in weeks,” she said.

During their conversation, she confided in her ex-best friend about her current pregnancy and how she wasn’t sure if the father was her current or previous partner.

Several hours after this, a mutual friend of theirs sent her a message and told her that her ex-best friend had made a post about her on Facebook.

“The post said, ‘My ex-best friend is pregnant and doesn’t know who the dad is, imagine,’” she explained.

Natalia – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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