April 1, 2023

Her Coworker Accused Her Of Trying To “Hide Her True Personality” Because She Opts To Wear A Wig At Work, And Now A Few Of Her Other Colleagues Have Been Bullying Her Around The Office

This young woman is 21 years old and recently started working at her first corporate job. She has been with her company for about three months now, and last year, she also started dying her hair.

So, approximately every two months since then, she has opted to change her hair color and experiment with new ones. But, at work, she has made sure to always show up wearing a long black wig.

“And it does not look fake at all since I am south Asian with natural black hair anyway,” she explained.

Just recently, though, she ran into an issue with one of her colleagues regarding her hair.

It all began after she started becoming friendlier with her coworker, and they decided to follow her on Instagram. But then, after her coworker saw some photos of her at a concert with much shorter, violet-colored hair, he was reportedly shocked.

Then, when they both arrived at work the following day, and her coworker saw her again with long black hair, he was confused.

He also decided to joke around and commented, “You didn’t tell me that you had a twin sister. Was that her on your Instagram story last night?”

Now, she simply told her coworker “no” and clarified that it was definitely her on Instagram. She also informed him that she was simply wearing a wig and always chose to whenever she had to work.

That answer did not satisfy her coworker, though, and he proceeded to ask more questions. More specifically, he wanted to know why she felt like it was necessary to wear a wig.

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