April 1, 2023

Her Brother And His Girlfriend Always Depend On Her To Care For Her Nephew, But After Her Nephew Stared Calling Her “Mama,” They Freaked Out And Demanded That She Apologize

This 32-year-old woman has a younger brother named John, who is 26-years-old. And three years ago, John and his girlfriend, Amy, welcomed her nephew Junior into the world.

So, as of this year, Junior is now 3-years-old. But, while she loves her nephew, she has actually started to resent John and Amy– because apparently, she is always expected to help care for Junior like a “big sister.”

In fact, she claims that her brother and his girlfriend always assume that she can just be an on-call babysitter. Other times, they reportedly “emotionally pressure” her into caring for her nephew.

Now, according to her, part of this situation stems back to when John and Amy found out they were expecting.

“They were terrified about telling their parents, and I said that no matter what happens, I would always be there,” she recalled.

Plus, after Junior was born prematurely– and everyone was frightened for the baby’s health– she reportedly renewed that promise.

Despite her nephew now progressing just fine and being healthy, though, John and Amy keep throwing her promise back in her face whenever she complains about helping out with Junior.

Her other family members have jumped on the bandwagon, too, and reportedly chastise her for even making such a promise in the first place.

Honestly, though, she revealed that John and Amy’s expectations are not just some weekend babysitting here and there. Instead, they would actually drop just drop Junior off at her front door without any warning.

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