September 24, 2023

Has ‘Based on a True Story’ been renewed for Season 2?


Will there be a ‘Based on a True Story’ Season 2?: Peacock has definitely turned the corner in the past few months with some very interesting offerings. The streaming service is just three years old but has tactfully gained on the back of the NBC experience. Mrs. Davis, The Resort, Bupkis, The Calling, and now Based on a True Story have truly pushed the creative mandate and created a compelling niche. The latter is of interest in this piece, all set to hit our screens this Thursday. Based on a True Story stars Kaley Cuoco, Chris Messina (the cantankerous sports agent in ‘Air), and Tom Bateman in pivotal roles. Other important members of the ensemble include Annabelle-Dexter Jones, Natalie Dyer, and Liana Liberato.

Based on a True Story promises to tap into the comedic vein of amateur crime-solving, quite like Cucoco’s recent stint in the second season of The Flight Attendant. Looking at the trailer, Cuckoo is playing a similar character with some “bodily changes.” Yes, Cuoco plays a pregnant character in the show (and in real life), and her reel-life husband (Messina) is in a mid-life crisis! There are serious Only Murders in the Building vibes in the trailer as the hunt for the “West Side ripper” becomes more intense. In this piece, we give our readers the latest about the renewal cancellation status of Peacock’s Based on a True Story.

What is Season 1 of Based on a True Story about?

“Nobody went broke by betting on America’s obsession with murder” is a pretty fantastic summation of what Based on a True Story’s season 1 is about. Ava and Nathan Barttet are a broke couple on the verge of bringing a child into the world. They struggle to meet ends, but one thing that Ava does not struggle to do is conjure up enthusiasm for true crime. In fact, her girl gang is true hardcore aficionados who sit down every week to talk crime. But when Ava sees a murder happen right in front of her, she can connect the dots and figure out the killer’s identity.

Next, she proposes that they start a podcast about the killings and bring the murderer on it to make it the best big thing that saves them. In the process, the couple gets too close, and their obsession threatens to bite them back. Who will prevail in this game of cat and mouse? And for those wondering; no, Based on a True Story is neither “based on a true story” nor an adaptation of Norm Macdonald’s memoir.

Has Based on a True Story been renewed for Season 2?

At the time of writing, Peacock has neither renewed nor canceled Based on a True Story. That is really not a surprise, as Peacock usually waits for months to make decisions. If one browses through their original programming catalog, only three shows received the green light within the first month of release. That makes it a difficult task to predict if Based on a True Story will be renewed or not. These streaming services gauge numerous metrics before a final decision is made. It will take at least a few weeks’ time for Peacock to collate the data for the show. 

Hence, do not expect major developments for the foreseeable future. Be rest assured that whenever we get a whiff of a decision coming, we will surely be updating this page with relevant details. But we do predict that Based on a True Story will get renewed for season 2. 

What to expect from Season 2?

Barely anything is known about the second season, as Peacock is yet to renew the show. But if the renewal comes, expect the notorious cliffhanger that season 1 ends at to continue. Ava and Nathan’s lives surely will not be the same, but it remains doubtful how they will be able to kickstart this new, strange chapter without hiccups.

This is all we have on the second season’s status as of now. We will be updating this story with more details about the release date, cast, and status of the show shortly. If you haven’t seen season 1 yet, here is a trailer to pique your interest!

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