December 3, 2023

Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, And EXO’s Suho Are Shaken By A New Murder In “Behind Your Touch”


Mujin is about to be turned upside down by another murder in “Behind Your Touch”!

“Behind Your Touch” is a JTBC comedy-mystery drama set in Mujin, a small rural village free of crime. Han Ji Min stars as Bong Ye Bun, a busybody veterinarian who somehow winds up with the supernatural ability to see the pasts of other people and animals, while Lee Min Ki plays Moon Jang Yeol, an ambitious detective who needs her abilities to return to the criminal investigation team in Seoul.


Previously on “Behind Your Touch,” Moon Jang Yeol learned the truth about Park Seung Gil (Choi Ji Hyuk)’s death thanks to Bong Ye Bun’s psychometric abilities. However, even though he was able to clear up his misunderstandings, Moon Jang Yeol’s intense grief and anger at Park Seung Gil’s murder made viewers’ hearts ache as they watched him suffer.

In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, the once peaceful village of Mujin faces new turmoil in the form of another murder. After discovering a dead body on the beach, a horrified Bong Ye Bun collapses in shock—and Moon Jang Yeol, who still hasn’t caught Park Seung Gil’s killer, exhibits laser focus as he searches for clues to the culprit’s identity.

Meanwhile, Kim Sun Woo (EXO’s Suho)—who previously aroused Moon Jang Yeol’s suspicions with his unusual knowledge of human anatomy and shifty answers—reacts to the murder with an unreadable expression. Could the frown on his face be a sign of conflicting emotions?

The producers of “Behind Your Touch” teased, “Bong Ye Bun and Moon Jang Yeol, who had been searching for Park Seung Gil’s murderer, will discover a second victim. With the people of Mujin already shaken, there will be a second unbelievable incident that heightens the tension and suspense.”

The next episode of “Behind Your Touch” will air on September 2 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Suho in “EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder in Geoje & Tongyeong” with subtitles below!

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