September 22, 2023

GH Spoilers Speculation: Nikolas’s First Reunion


GH spoilers are telling audiences that Nikolas will return to Port Charles sooner rather than later. He left a lot of unfinished business behind. Who will he reconnect with first, after coming back from the dead?

GH Spoilers Speculation

The most complicated relationships Nikolas (Adam Huss) left behind when he disappeared were with his wife — and the woman he never quite got over. He and Ava (Maura West) last saw each other when she clocked him over the head and left him for dead. Maybe they want to discuss that? And then there’s Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Sure, it’s been a while since he was a candidate in the Who Is Aiden’s Daddy sweepstakes. But Nik and Liz always had a special connection. Could she be the one that makes him want to stay at home for a bit?

GH: That’s My Boy

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) has rewritten his relationship with Nikolas so that the Prince was always a deadbeat dad and not the doting parent we watched for years. Which means Nik and Spencer’s relationship is a non-starter. But Nikolas can start all over again with Giant Baby Ace. He’s a sweetheart, seems to love anybody no matter what — including criminal mama Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) – and will likely take to Nik the same way he takes to everyone else. Ace could be the only one happy to see Nikolas again.

GH Spoilers: Fresh Start

But grumpy Nik seems uninterested in rebuilding any burnt bridges. Odds are, when he comes home, he’ll just start fresh. New love interest, new friends, maybe even new kids. Nik’s a new man. With a clean slate past…and a clean slate future. Maybe he’ll allow Laura (Genie Francis) to talk to him. But that’s it. Even Aunt Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) doesn’t deserve the honor.

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