September 23, 2023

General Hospital Recap: Valentin and Nina Learn Who Has Targeted Anna


In her suite, Anna looks at the message on the mirror in the bathroom when Valentin surprises her from behind. They head to the main room, and Anna admits this is getting to her. She just bought these clothes, seeing everything she had was lost in the fire, and now they are trashed. She cries that this seems personal. She says whoever is doing this wants to leave her with nothing.

Valentin worries it’s more, that the message was a direct threat. Anna notes this person has had ample opportunity to kill her. She says this doesn’t look like Pikeman or the WSB. Valentin feels none of these are coincidences and he’s not taking chances. They embrace. Valentin decides to check the hotel security footage, but Anna thinks a professional would have taken care of any cameras. Valentin says they’ll find out, and she should call the police while he’s gone.

Valentin is concerned GH

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In Crimson’s office, Lucy finds Nina on the phone leaving Gladys a message demanding to know what is going on with Sasha. Lucy walks in and says she has the same question. Lucy needs answers about Sasha. Nina says all they know is Cody took her out of Ferncliff and is about to be charged with kidnapping. Lucy doesn’t believe he kidnapped Sasha. She remembers Cody helped her at the Home & Heart show, and he thinks Cody may be rescuing her. She’s worried about Sasha, but if she isn’t coming back then she needs to replace her at the company.

Lucy wants answers GH

Nina is appalled that she’s worried about money. Lucy says she adores Sasha, but she must think about the company and her employees. She says Tracy is coming after them and they could lose everything. Nina has had enough and tells her to leave.

Nina and Lucy bicker GH

Valentin appears looking for Nina’s help. Nina tells Lucy goodbye, and she departs in a huff. Valentin says he’ll explain everything, but he needs to see the security footage outside of Anna’s suite. Valentin relays what happened in Anna’s suite as Nina pulls up the footage. Valentin spots something, and Nina freezes it. They are both speechless. Nina gasps, “This can’t be!”

Nina Val shocked GH

Back in Anna’s suite, she looks at the message on the mirror and thinks back to the shooting and the fire. She thinks about grilling Valentin about Pikeman as well and talking to Dante about Valentin’s deception. Anna pulls out her phone and makes a call to the police.

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In the Metro Court restaurant, Blair sits down at Martin’s table, and he asks what she’s doing here. Blair thinks it sounds like he’s not happy to see her. He’s not, nor is he not happy to see her with Tracy. Blair asks where his special friend disappeared to as she’d love to meet her. Martin claims they just met, and he doesn’t even remember her name. Blair knows who she is, and the company she owns, which isn’t doing well according to the word on the street.

Blair reunite with MArtin GH

Martin asks Blair what she is doing here with and with Tracy. Blair says he’s intelligent, he can figure it out. He assumes she gave Tracy the information on The Deceptor, and calls her vile for hurting Lucy and working with Tracy. Blair says his giving Lucy her idea is what is vile. Martin says Lucy got it working, but she never did. Blair blasts him and says Lucy never would have come up with the idea on her own, and now they will pay dearly. Martin asks what we, as it’s Lucy’s being sued. Blair reminds him she’s paying him the alimony. He says perhaps she shouldn’t have jumped into the sack with David Vickers. Blair reveals when Lucy loses Deception, he’ll have to marry her to make her happy, and then she won’t have to pay him another dime.

blair blackmails martin gH

Martin asks what she’s talking about. Blair says she could tell Lucy the truth, and she’d dump him and probably sue him, and she’d be Lucy’s star witness. She’s giving him an alternative so that he won’t lose Lucy or his money. Blair kisses him on the cheek and says it’s nice to see him again. She heads to the elevator as Lucy walks in. Martin makes a b-line for Lucy to stop her from seeing Blair and pulls her into a kiss. She is shocked and doesn’t know what that was for, but he almost made her forget all her problems.

MArtin blackmailed GH

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At the hospital, Liz tells Stella how lucky their patients are to have her help. As they look over the doctor’s busy schedules, Stella makes a remark that certain patients prefer certain doctors because they listen to them.

Stella and Finn GH

Marshall arrives to speak to Stella, and they find an alcove for privacy. She asks if everything is okay with Curtis. Marshall reveals Curtis is thinking of selling The Savoy. She says that will kill him, and he needs that club to help him fight to recover. Why would he want to sell? He tells her about Selina’s offer, and she seems to be getting to him about not being able to run the club.

MArtin shocks Stella GH

Stella fumes at people like Selina assuming people with disabilities are incapable of holding down a job. Marshall is hoping she can help Curtis like she helps her patients. She promises to do her best, as Curtis needs that club to get him out of the house and give him purpose. Marshall is glad to have her back in town, and the family closer together. Stella feels they are lucky to have the family they have. They agree to work together to keep this family together.

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After a meeting, Alexis notes Finn didn’t share today. He says he’s trying to honor his dad’s wishes. She’s just glad Gregory told Chase, but Finn confirms he hasn’t. Finn says it won’t be easy for either of them when Chase finally learns the truth. He’s been trying to find a way to help his father, and he wishes he could talk to his doctor about his case, but he can’t legally or ethically do that. Finn knows there will come a point when his father can’t walk or speak, but it’s up to him to decide how much he should be involved in his case. Finn admits this is tearing him up, but he must accept his limitations. She wishes him luck with that. Finn feels his dad is lucky to have her in his life. Alexis just wants him to have as normal of a life as he can, but she knows the transition is coming. Alexis lets Finn know he’s not alone, he has her. He admits that helps.

Alexis and Finn talk GH

Later Liz runs into Finn, and she has something to tell him, but isn’t sure this is her place. Liz says after speaking with TJ about an incident with Dr. Bronson, and a talk with Stella about doctors taking on too many patients, she isn’t sure Dr. Bronson is right for his dad. She knows he’s a great doctor, but she feels Dr. Bronson just diagnoses and follows standard treatment procedure by the book, rather than treating Gregory the patient. Finn admits he had the same reservations, but his dad chose Dr. Bronson and he can’t just step in. Liz believes his dad would feel reassured to have his opinion, and he’s just offering him an alternative. Finn says he’ll talk to his dad and look into other doctors for him. He thanks her for giving him the push he needed.

Liz gives Finn advice GH

Gregory makes his way to Alexis’ office and finds Esme, who appears to be in a mood. He asks if everything is okay, and she says she was just arranging things for Alexis. He notices it’s late and she should be getting home to that adorable boy. She admits she doesn’t want to go home yet, she doesn’t want to face Spencer.

Esme and Gregory GH

Gregory asks if Esme needs to talk. She opens up that she thought she and Spencer were getting along, and she felt like she was part of a family. However, she overheard Spencer asking Alexis to check up on her when he’s out of town, and it’s clear he doesn’t trust her. Gregory says even family can let you down, but they’ll always be there for you. Esme cries she is trying hard to make a new beginning, and she’s trying to build a relationship with Spencer based on respect. However, he only sees her for who she was, just like everyone else. Gregory indicates Alexis sees her for who she is now, and so does he. He advises her not to look at the big picture, but maybe focus on something that made her smile today. She asks if that works for him.

Gregory gives advice GH

Alexis arrives and listens to Esme and Gregory from the hall. Gregory says it does work for him, and that today he tried lavender ice cream and it was great. Esme thinks about the huge burp Ace let out today, it made her happy to be his mom. Alexis enters as Gregory stumbles and catches himself on the desk. Esme asks if he’s okay, but Alexis says this is her fault and the corner rug keeps coming up which caused him to trip. Esme heads out, and Gregory asks how much she heard. She says enough to know he lifted Esme’s spirits when she needed it.

Alexis and Gregory talk GH

Alexis asks about him not telling Chase about his ALS. Gregory confesses he went to Chase’s to tell him, but Brook Lynn had just moved in and he couldn’t ruin their happiness. He says it felt good to help Esme, and not depress people. Alexis says he doesn’t depress people. Gregory says it’s getting worse for him, but he is determined to make the best of what time he has left. He asks if she’s ever had lavender ice cream as it’s amazing.

Chase returns home and finds Brook Lynn upset. She says Maxie fired her, and she lost her best friend. He guesses Maxie knows Tracy got the information on The Decpetor from her. She says she does, and now she’s getting what she deserves… Maxie hates her. Chase says she made a mistake, and Maxie has made plenty. Plus, Maxie and Lucy know Tracy and what she’s capable of. Brook Lynn hates she let Tracy do this, and she should have trusted him and told him the truth. He says it’s too late for that.

BLQ and Chase lucky GH

Chase loves her for what she did for him, but he doesn’t want them spending time rehashing the past. Brook Lynn knows, she just hates what she did to her friends. Chase still can’t believe what Tracy did to her own granddaughter. Brook Lynn admits she never thought the stories about her family’s backstabbing were true, but now she realizes how destructive her grandmother is. She tells Chase he’s lucky to come from a family that is open and honest. He admits his family wasn’t the greatest growing up, and Finn wasn’t around. Now however they’ve worked things out, and he has her and his family together. They both agree they are lucky and kiss.

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