December 3, 2023

General Hospital: Does Willow Forgive Nina?


We can’t have been the only General Hospital viewers who watched the June 6 episode with our jaws on the floor, can we? Like, we get that Willow doesn’t like Nina and also that Nina often does things that make her really, really hard to like. But as Willow spoke about “adoptive” mom Harmony, all we could think was… is the patient’s brain being deprived of oxygen?

“I’m sorry, Michael, I just… I hate her this much.”

Credit: ABC

Nina is her own worst enemy. We understand that. And by the time Harmony died, she and Willow had made peace. But Harmony got her daughter mixed up in a freakin’ cult and served her up to its leader on a silver platter. How on earth can Willow file that under “bygones” while holding against Nina things that she did before she even knew that they were connected?

Obviously, General Hospital is setting up a scenario in which Willow finally softens toward Nina, just so that their hard-won relationship can be blown up anew by the revelation that Mom ratted out mother-in-law Carly to the SEC. But before we get from point A to B… ugh. We’re sure to get more of Willow polishing a halo for Harmony and demonizing Nina.

Willow sees Harmony GH


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How much can viewers take? As it is, a noteworthy portion of the audience was so sick of Willow’s leukemia storyline that it was groaning for her to just die already. And by continuing to have her paint Harmony as “flawed” and Nina as “a mess,” more fans are likely to rue the day that Liesl forked over her bone marrow.

By the time Willow and Nina wind up as close as Carly and Jossly, will there be anyone left to cheer? Maybe that will be when the show resurrects Nelle, if only to give viewers someone to hate more than they will her sister. Hit the comments with your thoughts on the trajectory of this storyline. And on your way, see who’ll be making a splash this summer on General Hospital in our brand-new photo gallery.

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