December 11, 2023

FX option expiries for 7 January 10am New York cut

FXO 07-01

There are a couple to take note of on the day, as highlighted in bold.

The one for EUR/USD may offer some attraction if the market is rather pensive and indecisive after the US non-farm payrolls later. But if anything else, it could just act as a bit of a magnet in the lead up to the key risk event.

Meanwhile, the large one for USD/JPY is one to keep an eye out for in case it limits any gains before rolling off later in the day.

And then there’s the ones for AUD/USD, which plays to current spot levels and could keep price action more muted for now. Even if the aussie is to see any upside, it could be limited closer to 0.7200 as such. The 100-hour moving average sits at 0.7208 currently so that will also add as another layer of resistance to the expiries.

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