March 23, 2023

Food Network Star Robert Irvine’s Biggest Red Flag at Restaurants

  • Robert Irvine is a Food Network star and celebrity chef. 
  • While at South Beach Wine and Food Festival, he spoke with Insider about dining out. 
  • Irvine told Insider that the first thing he notices in an eatery is whether the bathroom is clean.

In an interview with Insider around his appearance at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Irvine shared the No. 1 marker he pays attention to, which isn’t even directly related to the food: the bathrooms. 

“Well, the first thing I look for is, are the bathrooms clean?” he said. Irvine said this is his top red flag “because if the bathrooms are clean, the kitchen’s clean, everything else is clean.”

He told Insider the bathrooms are a great indicator of how the rest of the establishment is kept and cared for. And if it’s a dirty restroom, that might mean there are less-than-stellar cleanliness standards being set for the eatery as a whole. 

Robert Irvine

Irvine on “Dinner: Impossible” in Atlantic City in 2012.

Bill McCay/Contributor/Getty Images

“We look at signs that are amenable to us,” Irvine said, explaining that since he keeps his bathrooms, kitchen, and the rest of his own home clean, that’s an easy thing for him to examine elsewhere. “So that’s what I look for when I go to a restaurant.”

The Food Network star and military philanthropist said he also tries to observe the servers to see if they’re happy while on the job. 

But regardless of the cuisine, the type of dining establishment, or where on the map you’re visiting, the chef said the biggest favor you can do for yourself if you’re questioning whether to eat somewhere is to take a trip to the bathroom first. 

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