September 23, 2023

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Cindy is causing trouble left, right and centre. But will George give her what she wants? And at what cost to them both?

Elsewhere, Stacey is struggling with Theo’s latest move and turns to the community for help. But will she get it?

And Ravi’s devastated when Nugget goes missing.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Cindy blows the deal

Desperate for investment from the Panesars Cindy pitches a pie and mash shop business. But Peter is really uncomfortable given his past with Suki and the Panesars and is forced to confess all to Cindy.

Cindy tries to use it as leverage over Vinny. However, she soon loses her temper and rips up the contract in Nish’s face.

2. Cindy gets wind of George’s windfall

George gets a buyer for the Marbella bar and the family are excited. They can finally lay their roots in Walford.

Meanwhile Cindy is upset to hear Gina and Anna won’t talk to Peter. She tries to persuade Gina to give her new-found brother a chance and they have a heart-to-heart.

But Anna then reveals George has sold the bar to her mum and Cindy gets plotting. She soon arrives to stake her claim after telling Ian she’s entitled to half of what George makes.

3. Gina reveals all

Elaine and George are determined to keep things civil. They invite Cindy and Ian to dinner to discuss the issue and tensions are high. But it’s not long before Cindy gets George alone and starts to manipulate him.

Gina later witnesses an exchange. She silences everyone in The Vic when she angrily makes a huge revelation.

4. Nugget goes missing

Ravi is horrified to find Nugget has gone missing, laying the blame with Suki. Suki is riddled with guilt.

Nish insists Ravi involve the police, but Ravi is horrified when the cops ask too many questions.

Denzel then tells Ravi his son is scared of him and it’s his fault Nugget is missing. Ravi is beside himself, desperate to find his son.

5. Ravi accuses Denise

As the police ask questions about whether there were problems at home, Suki is keen to drop Ravi in it. Furious Ravi then storms over to the salon where he accuses Denise of stirring things up with the police.

But she delivers some harsh home truths. Ravi is in turmoil as he continues to lash out and torture himself – will Nugget be found safe and well?

6. Theo terrorises Stacey

Billy gets some raunchy pictures of Stacey and he is horrified. Stacey is mortified, knowing Theo is behind it and Martin decides to act.

Martin confronts Theo, who threatens to call the police if Martin doesn’t leave him alone. Can Stacey ever escape his reign of terror over her?

7. Stacey reaches out for help

Stacey doesn’t know where to turn to deal with Theo. She eventually realises she has to call on the community for support, but will they help her?

8. Alfie lets Tommy down

Phil tries to get Alfie to support Tommy at his first boxing match, but Alfie is in too much pain following his operation. He tells Phil he has to go to Spain to recuperate.

Kat later tries to reassure Tommy his dad will be back, but he doesn’t believe her.

9. Reality hits for Sonia and Reiss

Sonia and Reiss are given their results and learn their chances of IVF success plus how much it will cost. Later Reiss tells Debbie he is spending her money on IVF treatment with Sonia, but will Sonia find out the truth?

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