December 11, 2023

Farmer Wants a Wife’s Brenton shares details of split from Sophie


Farmer Wants a Wife 2023‘s Brenton Kuch has shared his side of the story following his shock breakup from his final pick, Sophie Holcombe.

ICYMI: On July 1, Sophie revealed she and her farmer bae had split, calling the demise of their relationship a “disappointing ending”.

She later took to her Story in August to reveal she was “deeply hurt” by the breakup, hinting that things may not have been as amicable as things were made out to be.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2023‘s Brenton Kuch has shared his side of the story following his shock breakup from Sophie Holcombe. Source: Seven

Brenton then shared a brutal swipe seemingly directed at his ex — a meme that claimed he was “dodging bullets” by no longer being with Sophie.

Now, the young farmer has spoken to Yahoo! Lifestyle, telling the publication that “neither one of [them] wanted the breakup”.

farmer brenton sophie post
Brenton mused that he was “dodging bullets”. Source: Instagram

“But we got to a point where we needed time apart after the experience we had just come through! It seemed to be very civil until a few weeks ago,” he explained.

According to Brenton, he and Sophie had agreed to keep the split private and “let it play out”.

“A few weeks ago Sophie messaged me saying she wanted to announce the spilt, which I thought was a bit weird considering we decided not to, but I was fine with that,” he continued.

“We still seemed to be OK then she blocked me off social media. Then [rumours] started flying around the community about someone new on the scene.

“I know there’s going to be a time when hopefully we both move on but If the rumours are true I felt it was a little disrespectful to happen as soon as it did,” he finished.

What has Sophie Holcombe said about her split from Farmer Wants a Wife‘s Brenton Kuch?

According to the Farmer Wants a Wife suitor, who moved to Darriman to be with Brenton, “so much happened that people have no idea about”.

“They’re judging our entire relationship off a couple of minutes of edited footage they saw on TV,” Sophie explained. “I lived with Brenton for over six months and went through a lot.

“I will never publicly share these details. But just know, I tried my absolute best to build a lifelong relationship.”

She added: “I loved him and I was deeply hurt by the situation.”

Sophie revealed that she still lives in Gippsland, having taken a “job opportunity and moved to a new town”.

“Luckily, it has been a very happy experience and [her dog] Reg and I are very settled and going well.”

sophie holcombe statement
Sophie says she was “deeply hurt” by what unfolded between her and Brenton. Source: Instagram

Sources later told So Dramatic!: “Sophie is finally happy and feeling like herself again now that she’s out of that relationship and that’s what she’s focusing on.”

Good for her!

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