December 3, 2023

Emmerdale fans rage over forgotten plots as Leyla Harding vows revenge on Victoria Sugden


EMMERDALE fans have been left fuming over forgotten plots as Leyla Harding gets revenge on Victoria Sugden.

Soap viewers took to X to share their thoughts after watching the latest episode.


Emmerdale fans raged as they complained that the soap had forgot “history”
Fans had a lot to say on social media


Fans had a lot to say on social mediaCredit: itv

Many asked: “Has she been on coke again?”

Fans slammed the ITV soap for “forgetting” that Leyla’s dealer nearly murdered Jacob due to her habit.

Victoria Sugden misled Jacob, who has a nut allergy, into believing that a slider at the sampling event was nut-free, resulting in an extreme allergic reaction.

Leyla Harding, Jacob’s mum, became enraged as the episode came to a close and she said: “You nearly killed my son!”

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But fans were not impressed and slammed ITV for “forgetting” Leyla’s “history”.

One fan wrote: “Leyla needs to leave now.”

A second added: “”#Emmerdale adds Leyla to the increasingly growing list of people that needs to leave the village in a hearse! At this rate there’s only going to be a few sheep and the odd Dingle pig left!”

A third raged: “Has Leyla been on the coke again? She seems to have forgotten her habit nearly got Jacob killed by her dealer.”

A fourth penned: “Why oh why isn’t it Leyla or Gabby that’s allergic to nuts! I’d happily make them a special walnut cake!!” 

A fifth wrote: “How about Leyla, you shut up!”

In the episode, Leyla sees Victoria is still at work, and then she rages at Gabby who then fires Victoria.

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