September 23, 2023

Emmerdale fans open-mouthed as Jacob Gallagher reveals feelings for stepmum Victoria Sugden


EMMERDALE fans ‘can’t cope’ after Jacob Gallagher showed his true feelings towards former step-mum Victoria Sugden.

The medical student – who is played by actor Joe-Warren Plant in the ITV soap – is in hospital recovering from an allergic reaction to nuts.


Emmerdale fans were left stunned by tonight’s scenes between Victoria and Jacob

It was Victoria’s mistake that left him in the hospital.

But after Leyla’s revenge mission saw Victoria fired and humiliated, she wanted to see Jacob and check he was OK.

She visited him in the hospital and said: “I am so sorry. I’d never forgive myself if you’d have…”

Taking her hand, Jacob said: “I’m alright. There’s nothing to worry about.”

But then the pair just stared at each other with Victoria realising that Jacob wasn’t just holding her hand – and she pulled away.

“Don’t… just stay for a bit,” he said.

She told him: “Jacob, you’ve had a scare, haven’t you? So it’s normal that things are a bit heightened.

“Don’t. I’ve got to get home. I’m really glad you’re oK. I wanted to check and you need to rest and I should go. I’ve got to go.”

“Vic…” he said as it became clear Jacob had developed feelings for his dad’s former girlfriend.

And fans can’t cope with the twist.

One wrote: “Jacob’s falling for Victoria now too didn’t see that coming… wonder if this is why David leaves”

A second said: “What’s with Jacob and his dad’s/David’s girlfriend’s. Please tell me we’re not doing this again?”

Another added: “Vic & Jacob? where TF did that come from? can’t wait to see Leyla’s reaction when she finds out.”

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