September 25, 2023

Emmerdale fans disturbed by Jacob Gallagher’s allergic reaction scenes


EMMERDALE fans are horrified by scenes of Jacob Gallagher’s nut allergy in action.

The medical student – who is played by actor Joe-Warren Plant in the ITV soap – was left fighting for his life tonight in graphic scenes after accidentally consuming nuts.


Jacob Gallagher suffered an allergic reaction in Emmerdale

And it’s all Victoria Sugden’s fault.

Already dealing with a hangover and a stressed and over-attentive event planner Suzy, Victoria was at breaking point.

And when Gabby Thomas arrived with more uninvited guests, she was forced to whip up more food so the guests they were trying to impress didn’t go hungry.

So when Jacob arrived and told her: “Mum said I could help myself to some food, is that OK? Doesn’t have nuts in, does it?”

Victoria replied: “Nuts, erm no no.”

But before she could check properly Gabby came over and demanded more food for her interloping guests, as Victoria went to get some more.

And as Jacob guzzled the food into his mouth, everything went a bit wrong as he began to struggle to breathe.

He collapsed as Leyla tried to keep him calm.

Struggling to breathe, Jacob lay on the floor as Leyla, Victoria, Gabby, Suzy and Suni tried to help.

They pushed his AAI pen into him but it didn’t discharge and the HOP didn’t have any spares.

Through his laboured breathing and with his throat closing up Jacob tried to tell them there was another in his car.

Victoria ran to get it and eventually found it but by which time Jacob had turned red and blotchy from the reaction and had stopped breathing.

Leyla screamed for help as Victoria injected him and while she saved him – viewers were disturbed by the realism of the scenes.


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One wrote alongside a breaking heart emoji: “Oh my god hopefully Jacob pulls through.”

A second said: “OMG JACOB!??”

Another added: “I never knew Jacob had a nut allergy?!?! Why on earth did he stuff his face with any old garbage?”

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