September 24, 2023

Elon Musk’s Biographer Reveals The Main Reason People Love The Book And Criticize It


Famed biographer Walter Isaacson, known for his works on prominent figures, sheds light on the primary factor behind the mixed reception of his latest biography on Elon Musk, providing insight into the book’s appeal and critique.

What Happened: Renowned for his biographies of luminaries like Steve Jobs and Benjamin Franklin, Isaacson shared his thoughts on the reception of his latest work.

In a Twitter Space session, Isaacson acknowledged the diverse reactions his book has garnered and expressed delight in the book’s strong sales and engagement.

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According to the biographer, what sets his work apart is that, unlike many authors who tend to interject personal opinions and hot takes, he opted for a narrative-driven style that lets readers form their own judgments. 

He said the book unfolds as a fast-paced narrative, mirroring Musk’s hyperactive pace of innovation and disruption.

Isaacson said that the critical element that captivates and divides readers is the decision to tell the story rather than impose his views. While some appreciate the unbiased approach that allows them to decide for themselves, others may crave more authorial interpretation and analysis.

“I want you to feel like it was pretty interesting ride as opposed to a whole lot of pontificating by me. You make the judgments after you read all the stories,” he said. 

Why It’s Important: While the publisher, Simon & Schuster, has not disclosed specific sales figures, it’s worth noting that the book surged to the top position on Amazon’s rankings the day prior to its release last week. 

It is available for $35 in the U.S. The price may differ on platforms like, Barnes & NobleBooks A Million, and Bookshop

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