December 9, 2023

Elon Musk-first Timelines Are Overwhelming Twitter Users


Elon Musk’s tweets are overwhelming users on Twitter because their timelines are turning into an Elon-first feed — does the recent firing of an engineer have something to do with it? 

What Happened: Many Twitter users started noticing on Monday afternoon that there were relatively more Musk posts on their ‘For You’ timelines. The same was true for people who don’t even follow Musk on Twitter.  

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The ‘For You’ section shows users tweets from accounts and topics they follow along with recommended content. The issue was first reported by The Verge.

While the recent changes may have something to do with Twitter improving its recommendation algorithm, many users suspect it has something to do with Musk being unhappy about getting less number of impressions on his posts. 

Why It’s Important: Last week, it was reported that Musk asked a group of Twitter engineers why his posts’ impressions have been falling lately. He fired a principal engineer who showed him some internal data and Google trends report, indicating that his popularity has decreased since April 2022. 

Musk rolled out some new changes during the weekend to fix “visibility” issues. He also stated that 95% of his tweets weren’t “getting delivered.”

If it’s a fluke, Twitter may fix the issue soon — unless they intend to get Musk his desired number of impressions by any means possible, the report noted. 

Earlier this month, Musk also made his Twitter account private for a day to see if his private tweets got more visibility than public ones.

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