December 11, 2023

Ed Sheeran Delivers Courtney Cox A Kitchen Surprise With ‘Friends’ Tribute Song – Deadline


Continuing his oddball promotional tour for his new album, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran performed his new song American Town for Courtney Cox in an unlikely setting – her kitchen.

The longtime pals enjoyed a song that was inspired by Friends, the popular TV show Cox starred in.

“Courtney, I wrote a song inspired by Friends, the show that you were on, and I’m going to play it to you, if that’s alright,” Sheeran says in the Instagram post that captures the moment.

The song is part of his upcoming album, Autumn Variations. It describes an “English girl in an American town,” and name-checks the sitcom while describing the way the characters eat Chinese take-out.

“That was really about the show Friends?” Cox asks.

“Well yeah, because you eat Chinese food in small white boxes, we lived the life we saw in Friends,” Sheeran responds.

“Oh my God, I love this, I love that,” Cox says, before joking “Do I get paid?”

Sheeran has been working hard to promote the upcoming album, appearing at a hot dog stand, crashing a wedding, and showing the flag at other unlikely venues. On Tuesday, he announced that he’d recorded an alternate live version of Autumn Variations, with each song performed in the living room of a different fan.

The studio version of Autumn Variations is out Sept. 29.

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