December 10, 2023

GH spoilers are making fans sweat over Drew snooping around for Sonny. Drew sussed out that Cyrus is working with the Feds to bring down Port Charles’s saintliest mobster. A bad mobster like Cyrus is liable to take something like that personally. Will he take his ire out on poor, innocent Drew?

GH Spoilers Speculation: Long-Term Plans

Cyrus (Jeff Kober) may be bad, but he’s not stupid. Cyrus set up a long account that involves more than just Sonny (Maurice Benard). There’s Mason and Austin (Roger Howarth) and a whole bunch of other details we’re still struggling to understand. The point is, Cyrus is not the type of guy who will throw away a painstaking, months-long operation the first time a tiny detail doesn’t go according to plan.

General Hospital: Punching Above Your Weight

On the other hand, Cyrus does know how to get what he wants…without tipping his hand. He won’t confront spying Drew (Cameron Mathison) directly. He won’t even let on that he knows. But he’ll make sure Drew pays, nonetheless. There are lots of reasons to get beat up in prison. Drew doesn’t have to know why. He just has to suffer.

GH Spoilers: Lesson Plan

The bigger question is, will Drew be smart enough to keep his mouth shut? We can just see him getting a beating behind bars, assuming it came from Cyrus for Drew’s loyalty to Sonny. He’ll be right, of course. But the wrong thing to do would be to confront Cyrus about it.

Then, if Cyrus doesn’t know what Drew did, he’ll figure it out. And that will not only expose Drew for the doofus he has a tendency to be, but it will also put Precious Sonny at risk. And that’s something that cannot happen under any circumstances. Drew should die before he reveals his Sonny secret.

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