November 29, 2023

Did Sonny Turn Himself In on General Hospital?


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Due to Labor Day, we were one episode short of General Hospital this week. The episodes were once again a mix of ones with really great drama and then some mediocre filler. While we were happy to see Nikolas back, we wish we got to see more of him. The big questions of the week were what Valentin has been up to, and who turned Sonny in. And of course, Cody finally came through for someone other than Leo for a change! Let’s get on to discussing what happened in Port Charles.

Who Turned Sonny In?

After Sonny was arrested for violating the National Securities Act and the Pikeman shipment seized, everyone wondered… Who turned Sonny in?” I was glad to see Carly, and heck even Michael, quickly thought it could have been Joss. The fact that she was surprised they were accusing her was hilarious. Earth to Little Miss “Sonny Destroyed Our Lives!”

Joss doesn't understand GH

It wasn’t just Joss who was accused, as Carly and Dante both suspected it could have been Michael too… but nope it wasn’t him! However, when Michael realizes his actions, and the evidence he gathered against Sonny could have been what got Sonny arrested, he was genuinely remorseful, which was nice to see. The confrontations, and accusations, were all well-acted by all and well-scripted. Dante was great reminding Michael he was there when he vowed to the world to crush Sonny and take him down.

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And the winner of the worst employee award ever went to Dex, who came forward to say he meant to burn the crushed flash drive containing the evidence against Sonny, but got distracted and dumped it in a public trash can. I was glad that the broken flash drive was brought up because the minute Carly smashed it I thought… that could likely be repaired and the information could still be extracted from it.

Many viewers are starting to believe it was Sonny who turned himself in, and I’m firmly on board with that theory given how everything is playing out. The schedule he provided to Betty was supposed to be fake, but Sonny could have listed a fake shipment and indeed arranged one to get himself busted, with the intention of exposing either Pikeman or who Austin and Mason work for. The crates being shipped were so clearly marked Pikeman, which isn’t the best way to keep the contents secret from any possible spying eyes. As it was noted, Sonny doesn’t make mistakes! During Sonny’s interrogation, the evidence the FBI kept mentioning as their smoking gun was the photo of the crates marked Pikeman, and I kept wondering, did they even look inside? What if, as Sonny kept insisting, it’s just coffee? So far nothing has been mentioned about what’s in the crates!

Diane tries to protect Sonny GH

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Then there is Valentin, who is acting even more suspicious than ever. Both he and Anna are lying to one another left and right, and it seems like they both know it. Valentin clearly met with someone to discuss the Pikeman shipment and Sonny’s predicament but lied to Anna about where he met his contact, and we don’t really know what was discussed other than we heard Valentin say he wanted to be kept up to date. Could Valentin be working with Sonny to expose and bring down Pikeman? That would be a fun twist.

Drugs, More Drugs, and Freedom

Last week I questioned why Cody would be sent to Ferncliff, an asylum for the criminally insane, when he was only presenting a danger to himself. Obviously, we are just supposed to go with it, and if it brings about the end of this tortuous storyline involving Sasha then that’s fine by me. Cody continued to completely oversell the fact that he was mentally unstable, to the point it’s again hard to believe the doctors could see he was faking it. Again though, “whatever” if it means an end to this storyline.

Cody screams GH

Then, it was as if the rain stopped, the clouds parted, the sun came out and a rainbow led the way! Cody actually pulled it off and busted into Sasha’s “totally unlocked cell” to rescue her. The minute he spotted Dr. Montague he connected him to Gladys, and them both to drugging Sasha so Gladys could stay on as her guardian. Someone put this man on the PCPD! I do have to give Dr. Montague props though, and this is the only time I will ever do so. After Cody laid him out, he had some chutzpah getting back up and attacking, or trying to attack, Cody. Dude should have just stayed down and played dead, as he was never going to take out Cody!

Montague catches t hem GH

Even though Cody and Sasha managed to escape, this obviously isn’t over yet. There is always the possibility that the PCPD could catch Sasha and Cody. Then again, if Cody can get word to Sam, maybe Gladys and Montague will be arrested finally. I will say I was a tad worried when Dr. Montague procured a drug to cause someone to forget they ever knew someone else. I assume he was going to use it on Sasha to save himself, but that drug could always come back into play at some point…

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The Cody and Sasha debacle also served to give Sam and Dante one of their first onscreen tiffs, if you can call what that was a tiff. Dante was upset she had helped Cody behind his back and kept things from him, even though she explained why she did what she did and he appeared to understand. Still, it humanized them as a couple. As many have been slow to come around to them as a couple, so far they’ve been a pretty drama-free one, which is not usual on soaps. I don’t subscribe to the soap trope that every couple needs major drama so as to not be boring. There are other ways to give a couple drama without it being an overwhelming, “this is the end of us,” storyline.

Back, But Not Quite

Thanks to the powers that be for allowing Nikolas to return with all his memories and other bodily functions intact. However, for reasons we don’t know, he’s not yet ready to return to Port Charles and reveal himself. This is in spite of Austin begging him to and arguing that Ava is torn up about him and never meant to kill him. Nikolas assured him he was eager to get home, but things needed to be taken care of first. It sounds like he’s about to lawyer up, work some deals, and maybe get a custody order in place.

nikolas alive and well GH

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In an interesting turn of events, it is clear Nikolas has no idea how well Austin knows Ava. We also have no idea what Nikolas knows about his situation. Has he not inquired as to why Austin didn’t just take him to General Hospital? Why was he taken all the way to Pautauk? While I’m thrilled to have Nikolas back, I hope the show isn’t going to keep us waiting long for answers.

Paging Erica Kane?

The Deception Drama was pretty minimal this week, mostly relegated to Lucy and Maxie bickering over what to do. Maxie’s argument to settle, based on the fact she needed to provide for her children, felt like a very realistic reason someone not on a soap would give. I mean, when do we hear about people on soaps struggling to pay the rent? Plus, as she pointed out, they are up against The Tracy Quartermaine. That led to the nod of the week when Lucy noted she’d believe it if Erica Kane and Enchament happened to come up with a similar idea to The Deceptor, but not Tracy, who knows nothing nor cares nothing about beauty. Damn, I wouldn’t say Tracy was the Wicked Witch of the West… just maybe a relative. Also, I’m pretty sure there are already half a dozen wands, masks, rollers, and other gadgets with red lights and laser therapy that promise to do the exact same thing on the market.

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Stray Storyline Thoughts

Dex might have well just thrust a dagger into Joss’ heart when he told her his life would have a hole in it if Sonny went to jail. Seriously though, if Sonny did go to jail and they were both free of him forever, what would they even have to talk about?

Portia blamed Anna (and Sonny) for Curtis being in a wheelchair, and argued they live dangerous lives and that danger extends to those they surround themselves with… Well, I can’t say she’s not wrong. Still, the way she told Anna not to come back and see Curtis felt so cold. It just seems every time Portia opens her mouth, I feel the need to yell, “50 points from house Robinson-Ashford!”

Portia scolds Anna GH

So far I have yet to read comments from anyone who is enjoying the drama between Kristina and Molly over this surrogacy storyline. Plus the number of times Molly has asked, “Do you think we are rushing into this?” makes me want to scream. You’d think someone would tell her, “Yes!” That alone tells me this isn’t going to end the way Molly is hoping.

Leo’s presence in the “Eddie Mayne” story continues to make it bearable. And even though Friday didn’t end on a cliffhanger, the shots of everyone as they pondered whatever they were pondering, as “Eddie’s” song played as the closing music, was really well done. It felt like being back in the 80s and early 90s when music was such an integral part of soaps.

That’s all I have in regard to my thoughts on this week’s episodes. As always, leave yours in the comments below!

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