September 22, 2023

DAYS Star Peter Porte Falls In Love In Hallmark’s Notes Of Autumn


Days of Our Lives star Peter Porte is no stranger to Hallmark movies, with flicks like A Gift To Remember and Rome In Love under his belt. However, his latest, Notes of Autumn, has something in common with his soap situation.

Peter Porte Makes A Hallmark Return

In Notes of Autumn, Porte plays a character who falls for a man named Leo. Sound familiar? Well, if you watch DAYS, it should, considering Dimitri’s current predicament. However, his Hallmark character is not quite as manipulative as his soap one.

A Hallmark Movie With A DAYS-Like Twist

Notes of Autumn follows Hallmark’s commitment to featuring same-sex love stories, something it has done with various Christmas movies since 2020 and is now doing with its traditional rom-com format. 

Starring DAYS’ Porte as well as Hallmark icon Luke MacFarlane, it tells the story of a character named Leo (played by MacFarlane) who decides to swap homes with one of his besties. He is trying to write a book and feels a new venue would give him a change of pace and unblock his writer’s block.

That’s when Leo meets Ellie’s neighbor, Matt, played by Porte, whose friendship helps cure Leo’s writer’s block. Of course, the friendship turns into romance while there is also a burgeoning relationship going on at Leo’s real home. His friend Ellie (Ashley Williams), a classically-trained pianist, meets Leo’s neighbor, Sam (Marcus Rosner), and finds her own brand of romance.

Luke MacFarlane Marks His Hallmark Movie Comeback

MacFarlane, who was known for his breakout part in the series Brother and Sisters, where he played an openly gay character from 2006-2011, and recently starred in the feature film Bros, marks his Hallmark comeback with Notes of Autumn. With Hallmark movies, MacFarlane had said as recently as early 2023 that he had told enough Hallmark stories for now, so it was a surprise when the network released its September lineup, and MacFarlane was one of its featured stars.

Notes of Autumn also has a musical connection aside from a piano-playing character, as pop star Debbie Gibson executive produced the film. You can see it again on The Hallmark Channel on September 21 and 24, as well as October 2.

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