December 3, 2023

Days of Our Lives: Sloan’s DNA Switch Sets Her Up As the New Sami


Well, our hats are off to Days of Our Lives. When Sami stormed out of town after Lucas’ devastating revelation, we really didn’t think we’d ever see the likes of her, nor her rivalry with Nicole again. When it came to fighting over EJ, Alison Sweeney never failed to deliver just as much conniving, scheming, vindictiveness in Sami as Arianne Zucker channeled into Nicole. They were the perfect foils for each other.

The two got into scuffles more than a time or two and they both dipped liberally into the paternity switching pool whether it was to keep hold of the man they loved or because one of them simply hated her baby sister… Yes, we’re looking at you, Sami!

But Sweeney left the show full-time what seems like ages ago, and Sami’s only been able to come back to visit here and there, never quite giving us the full-blown rivalry between her and Nicole of years past.

This is a hatred that never dies.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

But then on Monday’s show, Days of Our Lives gave us exactly what we’d suspected (hoped?) might happen. Eric was declared not to be a match for Nicole’s baby. And that, of course, was a foregone conclusion, once we learned Sloan never swabbed his cheek to begin with! She swiped her own DNA, deciding she couldn’t risk losing the man she’d come to love.

It was a scheming, desperate move that both Sami and Nicole would understand, even if it will, inevitably infuriate the latter! And that’s when we realized that we weren’t just getting an epic new rivalry in Sloan and Nicole, but the show had been setting Sloan up to be the “new” Sami.

Sami could play both vindictive schemer and heroine, depending on what suited her. It kept fans clamoring for more as no matter what dastardly deeds she cooked up, she always ended up winning them over.

As we’ve gotten to know Sloan over the past year, it’s become clear that she’s just as complex — and she makes just as great a foil for Nicole! This time, of course, their rivalry isn’t over EJ, but Eric. Though EJ’s certainly mixed up in this mess and we’ve got a sneaking suspicion he may end up even more tangled in this web as the story moves forward!

Outside the Pub, Nicole clasps Sloan's raised wrist and leans backward. A gaping Eric watches.

Sloan’s slowly been ramping up her “Sami-ness” since she showed up in Salem.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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And though Sloan and Nicole haven’t quite come to blows yet, we’ve got a feeling that once the truth comes out and, as we suspect, Eric proves to be the real father, things are going to get real ugly, real fast between the two ladies. Because if there’s anything both Sami and Nicole both know, it’s that eventually, a move like that will blow up in your face.

So far, the two have done little more than exchange barbs over Eric, but with Sloan’s move, she just set herself up to be Nicole’s new rival, taking over nearly seamlessly from Sami.

So cheers to Jessica Serfaty for taking Sloan from shady lawyer to bitter rival. Of course, if Sami were to ever return to town again, we have a feeling a three-way brawl with her, Sloan and Nicole would be just about inevitable, even if it would risk destroying nearly all of Salem. In other words, we really hope to someday see it!

Take a look through our photo gallery below of Sami’s wild life to decide for yourself whether Sloan will be able to keep up with her!

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