December 10, 2023

Days of our Lives: Is Jan Spears dead?


THE VILLAINOUS ways of Jan Spears are nothing new to fans of Days of Our Lives.

Jan’s time on DAYS has been riddled with relationship duplicity, deceitful disguises, and brushes with death since she first arrived in 1999.


Jan Spears’ paternity drama has been front and center on DAYS’ 57th editionCredit: Getty

Is Jan Spears dead on Days of Our Lives?

In a shocking twist, it looked like more characters were set to depart Days of Our Lives during season 57.

Throughout the 57th edition of the show, fans saw the exits of longtime characters such as Abigail Devereux, Lani Price, Eli Grant, Tripp Weston, Ben Weston, and Ciara Brady.

Jan Spears appears to be the next DAYS series regular to say goodbye to the denizens of Salem, Illinois.

For the duration of the season, the father of Jan’s baby was believed to be Ciara Brady’s brother, Shawn.

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The baby was a product of Shawn’s affair with Jan while she was possessed by the Devil and disguised as his wife Belle Black-Brady.

However, it was revealed later on that the prison-bound Evan Frears is the actual father of her son.

Despite the paternity bombshell that Shawn is not Jan’s son’s real father, she still intended on rekindling a romance with him.

Her plans proved to be complicated when his wife, Belle Black-Brady, steps in to stop her.

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Things came to a head when Jan stole the keys to Ciara’s boat and lured Shawn to the river docks and proceeded to attack him.

Belle arrived at the docks just in time to witness the confrontation.

As Jan and Belle engage each other in a physical altercation, the struggle leaves the former fighting for her life after landing in the river.

Although Jan did not resurface from the water, there were no signs of her body.

While Jan was possessed by the Devil, she disguised herself as Shawn's wife Belle and initiated an affair


While Jan was possessed by the Devil, she disguised herself as Shawn’s wife Belle and initiated an affairCredit: Getty

As Shawn and Belle retrieve Jan’s son, her fate was left ambiguous – even though soap opera outlets reported Jan’s actress Heather Lindell already departed the series.

However, on Thursday, August 4, Jan appeared alive and well just in time to further complicate the lives of Shawn, Belle, Evan, and the other residents of Salem once again.

While explaining her whereabouts, Jan told Evan that she was hiding out in a yacht after Belle’s assault left her in the water during their brawl.

Who plays Jan on DAYS?

After more than 10 years of absence from DAYS, Jan returned to the program in 2019 for the 54th season.

Picking up where she left off from the character in 2004 was actress Heather Lindell.

On July 10, 2022, Heather disclosed to viewers that she filmed her last scenes for the long-running soap.

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While responding to her nomination for a Soap Hub award on Twitter, the actress stated that her time on the series has come to an end.

She tweeted: “With Jan’s time in Salem coming to an end, this recognition is really awesome.”

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