September 24, 2023

Coronation Street fans baffled over Paul’s reaction to shock death


Last night in Coronation Street (Monday, September 18), Paul and Billy arrived at the Bistro for their stag do.

However, Bernie soon turned up and told Paul the sad news that Shelly had passed away.

Coronation Street fans have now been left baffled over Paul’s reaction to Shelly’s shock death.

Paul’s day was tainted (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Paul found out about Shelly’s death

Last night, Gemma set the Bistro up for Paul and Billy’s stag do, decorating it with rainbows and sparkles.

Soon enough, Paul turned up with Billy and got stuck into some of the drinking games that Gemma had arranged.

Meanwhile, Bernie was held up at the police station as she was being questioned for potential fraud. Bernie had explained that she’d only taken some parcels in for Shelly to help her out.

The police then told her that Shelly had died, prompting Bernie to head to the Bistro and tell Paul the sad news during his stag do.

Paul was devastated and went to Shelly’s flat to feel close to her, realising that she’d died alone after suffering from pneumonia.

Knowing that Shelly had no family or friends to arrange her funeral, Paul decided that he’d be the one to give her a good send off as he knew what she’d want best.

Coronation Street's Paul and Billy are in Shelly's flat
Fans have no idea how Paul will pay for the funeral (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans baffled by Paul’s reaction to death

Coronation Street fans have been left baffled by Paul’s reaction to Shelly’s shock death.

They have no idea how he’ll pay for the funeral when he’s skint. They also don’t think that he should be taking this responsibility when he’s only known Shelly for a few weeks.

One fan wrote: “Love the way they all bang on about having no money but can pay for weddings, stag dos and funerals for somebody they’ve only known for five minutes, although in fairness they were close and it’s a dark reminder of what will eventually happen to Paul.”

A second viewer tweeted: “And who will pay for Shelly’s funeral, that Paul is going to arrange?”

A third person wondered: “Does Paul really think that he’s the best person to plan the funeral of a woman he’s only known for a month or two?”

A final person complained: “Isn’t this a bit over the top? Paul’s only know Shelley a fortnight or so.”

Coronation Street's Paul and Todd are speaking outside
Paul confided in Todd (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for Paul after Shelly’s death?

Shelly’s death has prompted Paul to think about his own, inevitable death.

Last night, he confided in Todd that he wanted to go through with his assisted dying plan. He then asked Todd not to tell anyone about this wish.

But, will Todd tell Billy about Paul’s secret as Paul’s health declines further?

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