September 24, 2023

China congratulates Turkey’s Erdogan on re-election


China congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on his re-election Monday, after he won a historic runoff vote to extend his two-decade rule.

“China expresses its congratulations to President Erdogan on his re-election,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said.

“We support Turkey in taking a development path that suits its national conditions, and hope that Turkey will continue to make new achievements in its development under the leadership of President Erdogan,” she added.

Beijing, Mao said, “attaches great importance to its relations with Turkey.”

“In recent years, under the guidance of the two heads of state, the two countries have achieved fruitful cooperation in various fields, benefiting our two peoples,” she continued.

“China is willing to work together with Turkey to push our strategic cooperative relations to new heights,” Mao added.

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