October 3, 2023

China cash liquidity demand estimated above US$700bn in January, up around 20% from 2021

Bloomberg with the estimate of demand for cash liquidity during the month. Citing a “wall of maturing debt” and an expected seasonal demand for cash.

  • Demand for liquidity may total about 4.5 trillion yuan ($708 billion) in January, 18% more than the amount seen last year

  • An increase in the amount of policy loans coming due and demand for cash to be spent during the Lunar New Year, which takes place earlier in 2022, are drivers.

Bloomberg info is here, link (may be gated) .

Chinese New Year in 2022 is February 1. Extended holidays in China will be January 31 to February 6, inclusive.

2022 is Year of the Tiger.

china 2022 year of the tiger

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