December 10, 2023

Chanel Makes Her Romantic Choice


DAYS spoilers are pushing Chanel to decide — does she want to reunite with her ex-husband Johnny or see what might develop between her and Talia, the woman who almost completely destroyed her life?

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

Yup, it’s a tough choice. But Chanel (Raven Bowens) can only keep stringing both along for just so long. It’s time for the lady to make up her mind!

Days of our Lives: Decisions, Decisions

Is it really that tough of a call, though? Talia (Aketra Sevillian) got Chanel’s business closed down and was the indirect reason why Abe (James Reynolds) lost his memory, which is why he and Paulina (Jackée Harry) are now separated.

Even if Chanel goes ahead and forgives her for that — bygones, am I right? — there is still the fact that Talia is kind of a sad sack. She mopes. She whines. She always looks on the dark side of things. Chanel is the opposite. She’s positive, upbeat, and downright bubbly compared to Talia. Sure, there’s the whole opposites attract. But there are also dark clouds that bring you down.

DAYS: Free To Be You and Me

Honestly, at this point, Chanel is better off being on her own. Her last few relationships have all been disasters, from Allie (Lindsay Arnold), who cheated on her, to Johnny (Carson Boatman), who so publicly dumped her, to Talia, who isn’t even sure she wants to be with her.

DAYS Spoilers: He’s the Man

But if Chanel is going to give one of her exes a second chance, it should be Johnny. Yeah, we know, we know, he broke her heart. But he was literally possessed by the Devil at the time. It’s not an excuse. We have proof! She married a guy not possessed by the Devil, and she divorced one who was. Doesn’t Chanel owe it to Johnny — and to herself — to find out what might have happened before hell intervened?

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