December 3, 2023

Cameron Goes After Sally Spectra


Cameron has made it clear — to the audience, if not to everyone on The Young and the Restless, yet — that you don’t need Y&R spoilers to see that he is out to get Sharon. And he will use whatever means necessary. There’s Faith. There’s Faith’s cat. And then there’s Sally. Sally? Why Sally? Here’s why.

Y&R Spoilers: To Protect and Serve

Cameron (Linden Ashford) wants to make Sharon (Sharon Case) pay for killing him. You can understand the impulse. Who wouldn’t want revenge on the person who tried to kill them? Right now, Cameron is just sending vague, threatening gifts. But, eventually, he and Sharon are going to need to come face to face. But there’s an obstacle…named Nick (Joshua Morrow).

Young and the Restless: A Dish Best Served Cold

Cameron would like to get revenge on Nick, too. Cameron didn’t take too kindly to being shoved out of an airplane. Cameron knows that Nick will do anything to protect Sharon, which is why Cameron needs a distraction. Sure, he could do something to Faith (Reylynn Caster). But if there’s a problem with Faith; Nick might not be the only one to rush out to rescue her. Sharon would insist on coming, too. And what good would that do Cameron?

Y&R Spoilers: Third Party

On the other hand, Sally (Courtney Hope) is solely Nick’s concern. If something were to happen to Sally and/or her baby, Nick would be out the door in a jiffy. Leaving Sharon all alone and unprotected. Just like Cameron wants her.

And since Cameron isn’t privy to the inner workings of the Newman family, he might think Sally’s baby is Nick’s. It’s what any reasonable person would think. And that might be an extra incentive to target Sally. Leave her alive, but kill off the baby. Nick deserves that level of punishment. Sally would just be collateral damage. Cameron is crazy. But he isn’t dumb. Think this speculation could come true? Let us know in the comments section.

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