October 2, 2023

Bre Tiesi Claps Back at Chelsea Lazkani Over Nick Cannon Drama


[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Selling Sunset Season 6.]

Bre Tiesi knows that her Selling Sunset costar Chelsea Lazkani gossiped about Tiesi’s personal life — and her connection to Nick Cannon, in particular — in the reality show’s sixth season, which started streaming on Friday, May 19.

“She has a lot to say,” Tiesi told Entertainment Tonight in an interview about Season 6. “I’m not entirely sure what her overall issue is, or why it’s gone so far, but I definitely could see the pressure of trying to assert something on this season. And maybe she didn’t have a proper storyline, so she needed me, but I don’t know? I mean, it is what it is.”

In the Netflix show’s new season, Lazkani talks to others about Tiesi’s relationship with Cannon: The Masked Singer host has 12 children and multiple partners, and he and Tiesi share 10-month-old son Legendary. Lazkani claimed not to understand Tiesi and Cannon’s situation because she’s a Christian, a rationale that Tiesi found “comical … especially [for] someone [who] says that they have faith and are Christian.”

“When I grew up, it was, you turn the other cheek and we don’t judge and all those things,” Tiesi added. “But I mean, once again, she can have whatever opinion she wants. I just wish she kept a little bit of it to herself because we’re happy.”


Tiesi, 32, said she also had an issue with Lazkani telling their Oppenheim Group coworkers that Tiesi got visibly upset by the news that Cannon welcomed a child with another woman.

“For me, my honest truth was I was in a place where, I know what’s going on, but I’m never going to divulge information to anyone,” Tiesi explained to ET. “I think that my lack of reaction or confirmation is what she ran with, and it became a completely different thing that helped her narrative, and I applaud her for her storyline, but that’s not actually accurate in my reality.”

Meanwhile, Tiesi is excited to show fans more of her “actual personality” in Season 7, which has already filmed. “People have an idea of who they think I am, and I’m literally nothing like Instagram,” she said. “Like, nothing. So, I do think that that’s going to be a really cool part of seven, for sure.”

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