December 11, 2023

Bold & Beautiful Sets Up an Epic Fight for Brooke and Donna


Except in times when The Bold and the Beautiful has had two of the Logan sisters interested in the same man, they’ve generally fallen in line, whether to trash-talk rivals, get way to nosy about their friends’ and family’s relationships or pretend like any of them actually do any work around Forrester Creations. So it was a bit of a thrill recently when the show placed Brooke and Donna on opposite sides of a debate, with the former backing Ridge as CEO of the design dynasty and the latter pointing out that there wouldn’t even be a design dynasty were it not for Eric.

It wasn’t a full-on fight or anything, but it did offer up a tantalizing possibility for conflict between Brooke and Donna. If Ridge gets ugly — or uglier — about putting Eric out to pasture, Donna could lay into her sister to get her man in check. In turn, Brooke could suggest that Donna do a better job of keeping her honey bear occupied, lest he destroy the company that his son has kept afloat for years. “His son?” Donna might scoff. “You mean Massimo Marone’s son.”

“If they don’t see me, maybe I won’t get dragged into this.”

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Brooke would get ticked that Donna has sunk so low as to bring up the unspoken truth that Ridge isn’t Eric’s biological child. Donna would retort that she isn’t sinking to any low, she’s just stating a fact. “It’s amazing to me how territorial Ridge is about a job he only has because Queen Stephanie lied about his paternity for decades,” she quips. “I can just imagine Eric looking at his resumé. ‘Ah, yes, I see your mother told a whopper. You’re obviously the best candidate to come aboard, son.’”

Brooke would argue that Ridge has been a model son to Eric in every way that counts. “Like when you cheated on Eric with Ridge on the floor of the lab?” Donna asks. “Like when he tried to turn Spectra Creations into competition for Forrester? Like when he couldn’t keep his hands off of Quinn?”

Hearing all that, Brooke would end the conversation, saying that she isn’t interested in rehashing ancient history. However, that would by no means be the end of the argument. It would, in fact, be the first of many, culminating in the sibling rivals modeling their men’s showstoppers at the fashion showdown.

Check out the below photo gallery to see who’s who in the Logan family.

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