November 29, 2023

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Ridge Breaks Up Brooke and Taylor’s Fight


At Forrester, Brooke accuses Taylor of betraying her. “All this time you pretended you wanted to be friends and bury the past.” Taylor says she did. Brooke accuses her of biding her time until she fully trusted her before stabbing her in the back. “How could you be so deceitful?! Setting me up with Deacon so that you — you! — could be with Ridge!”

Taylor tells Brooke there was a build-up of things that happened but Brooke hollers that she doesn’t want to hear her excuses. She thought they were on a new path and showing their children that rivalries can be overcome. “Obviously, I was wrong.” All this time, Taylor’s been biding her time until she could make a move on Ridge. Taylor admits she pointed out that she and Deacon shared a history together. Brooke doesn’t believe she was looking out for her best interest. “You set me up with Deacon so that it would clear your way to Ridge!”

At Il Giardino, Hollis notices that Deacon is distracted. His boss confides, “I think I might have started something.” Deacon confides that he told Brooke how he felt about her again and asked her if they could have a life together. He cringes, “I don’t know why I listened to her.” Hollis asks, “Brooke?” Deacon says, “No, Taylor.”

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In the design office, Eric asks Ridge how things are going with Brooke and Taylor. He’s thinking that it’s time for him to move on with his life. Ridge flashes to Taylor saying how much she misses him and muses, “Actually… one of the ladies came out and told me how she really feels. Taylor.” Eric asks if he encouraged her. Ridge insists she came to him out of the blue. “She may have pitched the idea of going to Rome with us.” Eric muses, “So she wants you back.”

At the restaurant, Deacon fills Hollis in on Taylor coming to him after watching him and Brooke talking together. She told him he should go for Brooke.
Hollis Deacon B&B

In the main office, Brooke questions why she should hear Taylor out. Taylor says she was trying to help. Brooke asks, “Me? You? Or Deacon?” Brooke thinks her intentions were crystal clear but Taylor vows it’s not what she thinks. “I value you and our friendship.” Brooke laughs. Taylor insists she’d never do anything intentionally to jeopardize that… “I felt very ruffled,” she explains. Brooke didn’t tell her about her concerns regarding Hope, so she started thinking if she wasn’t being honest and transparent with her about that then what else is she hiding? “And that has everything to do with Ridge.” Brooke says this is crazy. “What you did… How you went to Hollis to come after me and then you sent Deacon in my direction… I don’t know how foolish I was to listen to you.” Taylor was trying to help. Brooke accuses her of taking advantage when her guard was down. She never thought her BFF would do something like this to hurt and deceive her. As Brooke gets more worked up, Taylor muses, “Oh, so you’re going to do this.” Brooke tears up, “I thought we had a pact.” She wails, “I never, ever imagined for one second that you would take our friendship and toss it aside like it was garbage!”
Brooke cry B&B

At Il Giardino, Hollis questions Deacon going along with Taylor’s suggestion. He tried his luck with Brooke, but they won’t be riding off into the sunset any time soon. Hollis wonders what got into Taylor. First, she pushed him off onto Brooke and then Deacon. Deacon says that’s easy… she wants Ridge all to herself.

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In the design office, Eric informs Ridge that Taylor is not the love of his life. The love of his life is Brooke Logan and always will be.
Eric Ridge B&B

In the main office, Brooke hollers at Taylor to stop pretending she doesn’t want Ridge. Taylor says she’s right, “I do. We deserve each other.” She doesn’t think Brooke is good for Ridge and never has been. Brooke can’t believe these words are coming out of Taylor’s mouth… they’re right back where they started! Taylor reminds Brooke she has a chance for a life with someone else. Hollis was just fun, but she and Deacon have a history. Brooke doesn’t need a dating service and suggests Taylor stop trying to sugarcoat things. She destroyed their pact and ruined their friendship, “All because you want to be with Ridge.”
Brooke wail B&B

In the design office, Ridge tells Eric it’s time for him to get going… he has a trip to Rome coming up. Eric asks his son to keep him in the loop. He’ll stay in that office where it’s quieter. He gripes about everyone being in the other office. Ridge reminds his father that he is Forrester Creations. Eric tells Ridge he’s proud of him and they hug. Eric says one of the only things he still wants in life is Ridge’s happiness. The person to fulfill him is Brooke.

At the restaurant, Deacon tells Hollis that Taylor isn’t really capable of being that calculating. Hollis isn’t sure, he doesn’t know her well. Deacon guesses he doesn’t either. He worries that now that Brooke knows what Taylor did, their friendship is about to blow up.

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In the main office, Brooke and Taylor bicker about Taylor not telling Ridge the truth about Thomas at the altar. Brooke knows how she feels about her and her daughter, “The Logan girls, Just sluts from the valley.” Taylor counters, “Those were Stephanie’s words about you. You’ve had chance after chance with Ridge over the years and each time you’ve let him down. He deserves to be with someone who’s not going to upend his world every chance she gets, I mean, come on, the list of men goes on and on…” She recalls that she had a child with Deacon while he was married to her daughter, “That’s disgusting. Who does that?!” Brooke reminds Taylor they had an agreement and she trusted her. “You broke our friendship all because you wanted to get to Ridge.” She’s going to tell Ridge exactly what she’s done. “Everything about Saint Taylor!” They start shoving each other as Ridge comes in and breaks it up. “What’s going on here?” he shouts. Taylor says Brooke is being dramatic. Brooke hollers that Taylor stabbed her in the back. “You used me to get to him. You know what?! Our little pact is over!”
Ridge Brooke Taylor B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope learns the truth about Taylor’s action, and Brooke reveals her feelings.

Look over Taylor and Brooke’s past fights in the gallery below.

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