June 6, 2023

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Liam Asks If Hope Has Feelings For Thomas


At the cabin, Liam asks Hope to tell him it’s not true. Hope can’t believe he’s listening to Steffy. Liam explains was venting about Thomas and that he never expected Steffy to claim Hope was the one who has feelings for Thomas. He needs answers from her. Hope says she’s feeling very ambushed and asks what Steffy said to him. Liam notes it was something he wasn’t expecting, and he was sure Steffy had misinterpreted whatever it was she saw. However, he knows Steffy, and she isn’t a gossip and has no reason to target their marriage. Hope thinks it’s exactly what she’s doing. Liam argues Steffy is only worried about Thomas and doesn’t want his progress derailed. He reveals Steffy insists she saw Hope caressing Thomas’ hands and gazing into his eyes, and she saw her feelings for Thomas.

Hope swears nothing is going on between her and Thomas. Liam wants to believe her, but she’s been in denial about Thomas before. She tells Liam that she loves him and needs him to believe that. Liam says he loves her too, but this is all too much. Liam says nothing will convince him that Thomas isn’t a threat to their marriage, and she needs to do what she said she would do initially and stop working with him. She says she’s his lead designer, and the line is just about to take off again. Liam knows how important her line is, but Thomas gets to see her more than he does. Hope is sorry this has been hard, but they are on a deadline. She rants she has run her line for years and won’t let him dictate how she does so.

Hope defends herself BB

Liam insists this isn’t about her career, it’s about their marriage, and Hope needs to just keep Thomas away. Hope says he’s Douglas’ father. Liam knows, and he’s tired of fighting this battle with the man who kept Beth from them. He can’t keep letting Thomas live rent-free in his head. Hope tells him to stop doing so, accept that Thomas has changed, or just let it go. Hope cries Liam always believes everyone but her, he never trusts her. He says he’s always trusted her, but this is just the first time he’s been given a reason not to. He needs to know if she has feelings for Thomas, yes or no. Hope tells him no as she looks into his eyes. She swears she loves him, and her commitment is to him. Her heart is always with him, and their marriage and their family. Liam nods, and Hope says she’s sorry and they embrace.

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At Forrester Designs, Thomas can’t stop thinking about Hope when R.J. appears. Thomas says if he’s looking for Ridge, he doesn’t know where he is. R.J. was looking for Hope and assumed she’d be with him since they seem glued together at the hip lately. He’s glad Thomas is getting along with Hope again, and Thomas says he had to make a lot of changes to make it work and move forward. He wants to be a designer people look up to, a brother her sister can be proud of, a brother R.J. can be proud of.

R.J. Thomas chat BB

R.J. says Thomas doesn’t need to prove anything to him, and they are cool as long as he doesn’t try and get him to pick up a pen and design. Thomas guesses their dad is still pushing him to be a designer. Thomas asks how Brooke feels, and R.J. says she doesn’t really care what he does. R.J. again says he’s glad he’s getting along with his sister, and to treat Hope with the kindness she deserves. Thomas assures him he has nothing to worry about.

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Thomas and R.J. chat BB

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Finn returns home to Steffy, and he apologizes for all the late nights he’s been working. He can see something is bothering her. She admits it is Thomas and the feelings she believes Hope has for him. Steffy is proud of the work Thomas is doing on himself, and hopefully, he will continue to thrive as long as Hope remembers she’s married. Steffy refuses to let Hope or anyone undermine how far Thomas has come. She admits she told Liam of her suspicions about Hope’s feelings for Thomas, as she couldn’t listen to Liam blame Thomas any longer. Steffy thinks Liam needed to know the truth.

Finn and Steffy discuss Liam and Hope BB

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