September 23, 2023

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Douglas Wants Hope and Thomas Together


In the design office at Forrester, Thomas and Hope talk business. She tells him he’s a brilliant designer and talk turns to Ridge and Eric’s fashion showdown. Thomas can’t understand why they’re doing another couture line when they could put their energy into Hope For the Future. Hope beams at him.

Thomas and Hope are about to kiss when Douglas walks in. They stammer, “What are you doing here?” He wanted to talk to his mom about something. Hope asks him, “What’s going on?”
Hope Thomas Douglas B&B

In the main office, Carter teases Ridge about whether or not he’ll lose the fashion showdown with Eric. Ridge reminds him he’s been inspired by Brooke since looking through the keyhole. Carter asks how he feels about RJ working with his father. “He chose your father over you.” Ridge always thought it would be him and his two sons designing together. After this showdown he and RJ will do something together. He’s earned his place there and is unconcerned about the competition. Carter warns him not to count out Eric.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke asks RJ if he’s sure he wants to go through with the showdown. RJ thinks it will be fun. Brooke clucks that she’s nervous about it. She’s afraid it will pit father against son. RJ concedes it does feel weird not to be working with his dad. Brooke assures her son that Ridge is proud of him.

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Katie and Donna walk in and Katie complains about being the last to know about the fashion showdown. She needs to get out in front of this thing and put the proper spin on it, “Is it really happening?!”
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Katie gets up to speed on how the showdown came about, with Donna giving Eric’s side and Brooke giving Ridge’s side. Brooke insists that Ridge is just concerned about the stress on his dad. RJ interjects that he’s been helping him and it’s fine. Donna says Eric treasures working with his grandson. RJ tells the sisters that he’s realized his passion for design and will do whatever it takes to make this line happen.

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In the design office, Douglas wants to talk to Hope alone so Thomas cheerfully files out. Hope asks the boy what’s going on. He’s worried about her and can see that Liam moving out made her sad. Hope advises that sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them too. Douglas loves her and Beth so much and suggests that they could be a family again… “With Dad.”
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Douglas assures Hope that his father didn’t put him up to this. He loves them both and wants his mom to happy, “I know Dad loves you. Maybe you love him?” Hope explains that feelings can be complicated. Douglas thinks if she gave Thomas a chance he could make her happy again — they could all be happy.

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In the Forrester living room, RJ has left for Forrester, and Donna complains that Ridge basically pushed Eric out — he felt as though he was being put out to pasture. She doesn’t understand Ridge being so adamant about him retiring. Katie questions why Ridge doesn’t just give Eric this line; he’s certainly earned it. Brooke explains that Ridge is the CEO. He runs the company; he makes the decisions.
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At Forrester, Ridge tells Thomas that Eric isn’t backing down and he won’t either. RJ appears and explains he’s just picking up supplies and will be out of their hair in a minute. Thomas guesses they’re for Granddad and asks his brother if he really thinks this is a good idea. They should just focus on Ridge’s couture and Hope For the Future. RJ advocates for Eric. Thomas explains they’ve been doing really well and want to continue that direction. What Eric’s working on may not be in keeping with the direction they want to go. RJ snaps that whatever direction they’re taking the company, they’re doing it on Eric Forrester’s legacy.

In the design office, Hope tells Douglas that she loves how much he cares about their family, but he’s not to worry about her anymore. Douglas believes that his dad can make her feel better, “I’m a pretty good judge of character,” the boy insists. He’s not sure if Hope will ever be able to completely forgive his dad for his mistakes, but if she could find a way they would make a great family… and her sadness would go away.

In the Forrester living room, Katie reminds Brooke that Eric founded the company and his designs are timeless. Donna fumes that he transformed the entire industry, not just the company. Brooke argues that it’s time for Eric to put down the pencil and enjoy his life. Why would he risk his entire legacy to put out a final line. Donna guesses she doesn’t think he can win against Ridge. Brooke says Forrester was defined by Eric, but now it’s defined by Ridge.
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In the main office, Thomas has gone, and RJ defends his grandfather’s desire to design another line. Ridge reminds him he’s the CEO of the company. RJ argues that Eric is full of great ideas and the right thing to do is give him the budget to finish. Ridge grunts that they’ll settle it on the runway. They banter and Ridge asks RJ why he suddenly agreed to start designing, “What am I missing?” RJ flashes to Eric not being able to hold the pencil and asking for his help. RJ says he wants to help Granddad in any way he can, “I love him.” He assures his dad he loves him too.

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