February 20, 2024

Blake Lively Spotted In Nearly $500,000 Worth Of Jewelry At The Super Bowl



  • Blake Lively’s accessories at the Super Bowl cost a whopping $469,075, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
  • Her neckwear alone amounted to $158,500, while her wrist was adorned with over $300,000 worth of bracelets.
  • Lively’s extravagant jewelry outshined Taylor Swift’s $50,000 outfit, making her the center of attention in terms of cost.

Taylor Swift may have spent a small fortune on her outfit for the Super Bowl, where she showed up to support her boyfriend, Chiefs player Travis Kelce, in the stands with her famous squad. But it was her pal Blake Lively whose outfit may have cost the most, just based on the jewelry alone.

Photographs from the NFL event show Blake in the stands next to Taylor. The Gossip Girl alum was dressed in a red and white Nike tracksuit, which was clearly a nod to the Chiefs’ team colors. She styled her long blonde hair in tight curls, which cascaded over her shoulders as she watched the game.

But it was apparently her jewels that cost more than some people’s houses. Page Six reports that Blake’s accessories alone cost up to $469,075, proving she brought out the big bling for the game.


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Adorning her neck, Blake showcase a luxurious collection of necklaces, including a $18,500 graduated link necklace, a $78,000 diamond pavé piece, and a $62,000 yellow gold graduated link necklace, (meaning her neckwear alone cost $158,500).

In the earring department, the mother-of-four didn’t shy away from making a bold statement. She paired platinum Tiffany Solitaire diamond earrings priced at $1,650 with gold Elsa Peretti snake earrings valued at $4,000, which seemed to be a subtle hint to her friend Taylor Swift’s Reputation album.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Via Instar Images 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 

But the most expensive part of Blake’s look was at her wrist, where she was wearing a total of 14 bracelets, costing over $300,000 in total. Among these were a $12,500 link bracelet stacked with a $26,000 diamond version of the same design.

Additionally, she sported an assortment of solid bracelets, which Page Six identifies as the Elsa Peretti swirl cuff ($12,300), Elsa Peretti doughnut bangle ($29,000), and diamond-encrusted lock bangle in both yellow gold ($40,000) and white gold ($16,000).

The sparkle didn’t end there, with Lively also accessorizing with the Tiffany T square bangle ($7,800), Tiffany T T1 wide hinged bangle ($7,500), and two diamond versions of the same designs, one worth $27,000 and the other at $39,000. Blake didn’t stop there, opting to incorporate white gold and silver bracelets, including a lock bangle decorated with diamonds ($42,000), half pavé white gold styles ($17,000), the Elsa Peretti doughnut bangle in sterling silver ($1,825), and a knot bangle in white gold with diamonds ($54,000).

Taylor Swift’s outfit cost a reported $50,000 and included a few touching tributes to her boyfriend Travis Kelce, but it was clearly Blake’s look that stole the show in terms of cost.

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